WWE Monday Night RAW Preview, Results & Highlights for May 25th, 2015

First off, happy Memorial Day to all of those who deserve the praise. Second, this week’s Monday Night RAW was the last RAW held from the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum and the WWE said farewell to the building the right way — by tearing it down.

Last week RAW ended with Dean Ambrose crashing the Authority’s party for Seth Rollins, which led to Ambrose temporarily holding Rollins ransom until Stephanie McMahon granted him a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match.

Ambrose got his wish, and then on Smackdown he and best friend Roman Reigns continued their crusade against the Authority. Kane made Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt as the main event, and after Kane gave Reigns the night off, Reigns still decided to show up in the main event anyway to even the odds when Rollins and J&J Security decided to come down to ringside to try and meddle in Ambrose’s business.

What will Triple H and Stephanie do to retaliate against Reigns always ruining their plans? How will the Authority react to Ambrose this week?

Here is what happened on tonight’s Monday Night RAW:

Dolph Ziggler Has Problems With Rusev

After last week’s epic smooch that Lana laid on Dolph Ziggler, Rusev has been irate ever since. Ziggler took on Sheamus once again tonight on RAW.

Ziggler was defeated by the Celtic Warrior, but the Show-Off has bigger problems, namely a pissed off (possibly jealous) ex of Lana, who wasn;t even his ex (except their dating in real life, keeping track of all of this?)

After his match with Shemaus was over, Rusev locked Ziggler in the Accolade and made him pass out in the ring. Rusev then stormed out while Lana looked concerned and worried at ringside. Not a good week for the Show-Off despite having Lana be attracted to him.

The Cast of Entourage Helped Back the Broski Against John Cena

You heard right. The case of Entourage in anticipation for their new movie, which is released on June 3rd, were the special guest stars of Monday Night RAW tonight.

To make their presences known, the case helped escort Long Island native Zack Ryder (WOO WOO WOO YOU KNOW IT) in his attempt to regain the United States Championship against John Cena. Ryder had held the U.S. Championship in late 2011.

Despite Ryder falling short, he had the admiration and support from the WWE Universe, and the cast, him and Cena shared a cooled moment in the middle of the ring with their hands raised high after the match had concluded.

Dean Ambrose Had a Rather Interesting Night

The Authority has made it their business to antagonize the Lunatic Fringe and try and do everything in their power to get between him and a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match with Seth Rollins. The stipulation that the Authority created was: Dean Ambrose had to sign a contract in order to get his Championship match.

The Authority had a plan for that, though. In the middle of the night, J&J Security instigated a fight between them and Ambrose and Rollins sneakily got behind a cameraman and shoved him into Ambrose, leading to Ambrose punching the cameraman, being arrested and then taken away, unable to sign the contract granting him a WWEWHC match at Elimination Chamber.

In the final segment of the night, the Authority came out to declare that because Ambrose had been arrested, he wouldn’t be able to compete in the scheduled Championship match at Elimination Chamber. Roman Reigns came out and attacked J&J and Kane. Then Ambrose, in an Austin esque fashion, drove an NYPD truck into a Nassau County building while wearing an NYPD cop’s outfit (something he could actually be arrested for, too) and came down to the ring to fend off the Authority’s attack with Reigns.

Ambrose got hold of the contract thanks to his best friend and signed the contract to make this Sunday’s Championship match official.

If you missed last week’s RAW, here is what you missed:

NXT Champion Kevin Owens Comes Out to Confront U.S. Champion John Cena

Last week John Cena continued his United States Championship Open Challenge, but unlike the rest of the challengers, NXT Champion Kevin Owens showed up to make a statement rather than to have a match. Owens declared that if the WWE fans didn’t know who he already was then they weren’t worth his time. Cena defiantly defended the fans and said they are the reason the WWE even exists.

Owens remarked that he and Cena WOULD fight someday, but that day wasn’t last week… and then attacked him and power-bombed him. John Cena vs. Kevin Owens was made for WWE Elimination Chamber on the WWE Network. It is unknown if Cena’s U.S. Championship will be on the line, though.

Lana Separates From Rusev & Gave a Big Smooch to Dolph Ziggler

Lana and Rusev were never “together,” but Lana was there to support and speak on behalf of him. Not anymore. Last week Rusev dismissed Lana and then berated her, which led to Lana slapping Rusev, a satisfying feeling for not only herself but the WWE Universe as well.

That’s where things got interesting. Lana came back down to the ring later in the night and just decided to kiss Dolph Ziggler. On Smackdown Ziggler believed Lana was just doing it to play mind games with Rusev. Whatever the reason, Lana sure seems to be getting the upper hand on Rusev.


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why is the J& J security and Kane like to interven on another pples match, why are they always supporting Set Rollings ?. They should stop spoiling pples match is paining me deeply.

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