Anne Marie Morrow, Brenden’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Anne Marie Carbonneau is the wife of Tampa Bay Lightning left wing, Brenden Morrow. Carbonneau will be cheering on Morrow during the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals as he attempts to win his first title ever.

Here’s what you need to know about Anne Marie:

1. Her Father Was Her Husband’s Teammate

Carbonneau is the daughter of Guy Carbonneau, the coach for the Montreal Canadiens from 2006-2009. Before her father retired from playing hockey to pursue his coaching career, he played his last few seasons on the Dallas Stars. Morrow was a young teammate of his on Dallas and fell for Anne Marie.

Morrow admitted in an interview with

I think I had about 22 other guys tell him for me and they broke him in. I was kind of frightened by him — a 20-year-old playing with Guy Carbonneau. I wasn’t going to date his daughter until I got his blessing. The other 22 guys kind of joked with him enough that he figured the easiest way to get them to stop was just to give me the green light.

Morrow looked up to Guy Carbonneau like a father and admired his professionalism and class, according to an interview with

2. She Married Brenden in 2002

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Morrow was drafted to the Dallas Stars in 1997. Morrow and Carbonneau tied the knot on July 20, 2002. The couple has now been married happily for almost 13 years. Carbonneau, 33, was just 20 years old at the time and Morrow, 36, was just 23.

3. She is the Mother of Their Three Children

The Morrows have three children whom make appearances quite often on their parent’s social media accounts. Bryelle is their oldest daughter, followed by a set of twins in 2008. The 7-year-old twins are a boy named Brody and a girl named Mallory.

4. The Morrows Were Both Born in Canada

Carbonneau was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada during her childhood while her father was playing professional hockey for the Montreal Canadiens, she moved with her parents and sister, Kristina, when her father was traded. She attended Highland Park High School and met Morrow thereafter.

5. She is Family Friends With the Gretzkys

Anne Marie and Paulina Gretzky can be spotted together in various pictures on social media due to a longstanding family friendship. Paulina’s father, the legendary Wayne Gretzky played with and faced off against Guy Carbonneau throughout their standout careers.

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