St. Louis Cardinals Senior VP & GM John Mozeliak: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

John Mozeliak has been GM  of the St. Louis Cardinals since 2007. Getty)

John Mozeliak has been GM of the St. Louis Cardinals since 2007. Getty)

A New York Times report on Tuesday revealed that the F.B.I is investigating and looking into the St. Louis Cardinals organization, and if specific employees hacked into internal networks of a rival team — the Houston Astros — to steal closely guarded information about player personnel.

The F.B.I has not disclosed much information thus far, and will most likely release more information about specific Cardinals employees who are involved in the incident when that knowledge becomes available.

John Mozeliak is the Cardinals’ Senior Vice President and General Manager and is signed through the 2016 season, and his name is a prominent name that has the possibility of coming up at some point as the F.B.I continues to conduct their investigation.

Here is what you need to know about Mozeliak:

1. He Became the Cardinals GM in 2007

Mozeliak was promoted from within the organization and officially became the St. Louis Cardinals Senior Vice President and General Manager in 2007, the year after the Cardinals made a Cinderella run to the 2006 World Series Championship.

The Cardinals have made several great moves under Mozeliak’s watch. Mozeliak doesn’t make big trades with his bigger assets, but likes to make mid-level trades to fill in holes created by injury or a deficiency. For every Matt Holliday trade, there is a Shelby Miller-for-Jason Heyward swap, but he has regularly done a good job in St. Louis since being promoted.

He also worked with Heff Luhnow, who is now the Astros GM and another name that has popped up.

2. The Cardinals Have Been a Powerhouse Under Mozeliak

Since Mozeliak took over, the Cardinals have been one of MLB’s most efficiently run organizations. Their farm system has been one of baseball’s best and Mozeliak has helped complement the internal development of players with good free agent signings — Matt Holiday — and players added in trades — say, John Lacky last season.

The team has one of the best winning percentages in baseball under his tenure, and a 2011 World Series Championship. They also have one more NL Pennant and four NL Central Championships. He’s also successfully bridged the transition at manager from Tony LaRussa to Mike Matheny.

3. He Worked His way Up Through the Cardinals Organization

so, how did Mozeliak get his start? On a fishing trip, that’s where:

Mozeliak’s unlikely career began with a fly-fishing trip. Bryn Smith, the anchor of the Rockies’ first rotation, needed some help finding a local fishing spot on one of the team’s first off days in 1993.

Jay Darnell, the Rockies’ video coordinator, said he knew a guy. He called Mozeliak, whom he coached in American Legion ball at Fairview for three years. The trip went well, and a few days later Mozeliak, a former prep first baseman and pitcher, and later a summer coach himself, was in uniform in the Rockies’ clubhouse. The Rockies needed a left-hander to throw batting practice. Mozeliak was the right man, getting a glowing recommendation from Fairview coach Rick Harig.

4. He Has Worked With MLB GMs Walt Jocketty & Bob Gebhard

Mozeliak worked his way up to scouting and later joined Jocketty in St. Louis in 1995, working as Jocketty’s assistant. From there, Mozeliak’s place in the organization was set.

The Cardinals slowly became one of the best teams in baseball at drafting and developing talent. The Cardinals went 24 years between World Series Championships, but were regularly among the league’s top half of franchises during that span.

5. Mozeliak’s Name Will Come Up in the Investigation of the Cardinals

As of this moment, there are no names directly linked to the scandal involving the hack of the Houston Astros. The F.B.I is doing a thorough investigation, which means they need to clear all of the names in the hierarchy of the Cardinals organization.

Mozeliak’s name is somebody who will inevitably come up.

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