Jordan Spieth’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jordan Spieth, left, with sister Ellie and brother Steven. Spieth's family gives him one of the most impressive support systems in golf. (Instagram/jordanspieth)

Jordan Spieth, left, with sister Ellie and brother Steven. Spieth’s family gives him one of the most impressive support systems in golf. (Instagram/jordanspieth)

At just 22 years of age, Jordan Spieth is already a full-fledged superstar, earning seven PGA Tour wins, a World No. 2 ranking and record-setting performances at the Masters and US Open. But his popularity goes well beyond his dominance on the links.

Fans tend to like players who have tight-knit families, and Spieth has exactly that. From his parents to his siblings to his girlfriend, Jordan has one of the strongest support systems in the sport.

1. His Parents Were Athletes in College

Jordan’s athletic prowess isn’t surprising when you move up one branch on his family tree. His parents, who attended Saucon Valley High School in Pennsylvania together, were both sports stars. Shawn, his father, played baseball at Lehigh University. Chris, his mother, was a basketball player at Moravian College.

Now, Shawn is the CEO of MVPindex, a site that measures and analyses sports social media data.

2. His Grandfather Is a Conductor & Teacher

Donald Spieth, the father of Shawn, works in the music department at Moravian College, where he holds the titles of Artist-in-Residence in Music and Conductor of the Moravian College Community Orchestra.

A golfer himself, Donald isn’t shy about his pride for his grandson:

It’s a given I am proud about how he played golf, but I’m so proud of him as a young man and how he’s shown himself and his relationships to his family, to friends, to other professionals, to the press. He’s just a good kid.

3. His Girlfriend Graduated From Business School at Texas Tech



Spieth and Annie Verret have been dating since high school, when he attended the all-boys Jesuit College Preparatory School and she went to sister-school Ursuline Academy.

Verret didn’t follow Spieth to Texas, though, instead carving her own path and going to business school at Texas Tech. She graduated in 2014 and now works as an Event Coordinator for The First Tee of Greater Dallas.

Spieth received an offer from Caitlyn Jenner (then Bruce) to date Kendall Jenner in 2013, but he declined.

“Annie’s good for Jordan,” said Spieth’s mother, Chris. “He doesn’t need a celebrity girlfriend. He doesn’t want the attention.”

4. His Brother Plays Basketball for Brown University



Steven Spieth, Jordan’s younger brother, didn’t miss out on the athletic genes. He plays basketball for Brown University.

This isn’t just some bench-warmer, either. In two years with the Bears, Steven has started 59 of 60 games, averaging 9.1 points, 5.1 rebounds, 2.2 assists and 1.1 steals per contest. Early in his sophomore year, he dropped a career-high 21 against Illinois, a team that flirted with making the NCAA tournament.

5. His Sister Was Born With a Neurological Disorder

Ellie Spieth is Jordan’s inspiration. The youngest of three siblings, she was born with a neurological disorder. That hasn’t stopped her from having a profound impact on her older brother.

“Jordan wouldn’t be where he’s at today if he didn’t grow up with Ellie,” said mother Chris.

Jordan, who has said that “being Ellie’s brother humbles (him) every day of (his) life,” has started the Jordan Spieth Family Foundation with her in mind. The website of the charity reads as follows:

Ellie, Jordan’s younger sister with special needs, is his constant source of support and grounding. This opportunity to find better educational solutions for incredible young people like Ellie remains the primary focus of The Jordan Spieth Family Foundation.