Kineret Blatt, David’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kineret Blatt is the wife of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ rookie head coach, David Blatt. Blatt’s story of how he got to this point in his career is an extraordinary one and it is his wife of 23 years that supported him along the way.

On Thursday, June 4th Blatt will compete against rookie Steve Kerr’s Golden State Warriors in the 2015 NBA Finals to be the first rookie to win the title since 1982.

Here’s what you need to know about Kineret:

1. She has Four Children With Blatt


Ela (Left), Shani (Middle Left), Tamir (Middle Right) and Adi (Right) Blatt in Notting Hill.

The Blatts have four children together, three girls and a boy. Their two oldest daughters recently finished serving the Israeli military and are headed to college in Tel Aviv. Their third is a boy, Tamir who is 16 years old and extreme close with his father. Tamir is 16 and entering his senior year of high school and their youngest daughter is 15.

Like his father, Tamir is immersed in the world of basketball and currently plays for the Israeli Junior National Team.

Blatt is code with all of his children, but in an interview with he admitted the coaching job he enjoyed most was as Tamir’s coach:

I remember him being three years old and wanting to play on a mini-basket with me,” said Blatt. “We played together. I coached him some. I watched him grow in the love of the game.

Tamir will probably come over (to the U.S.) to play in college after he finishes his senior year. I get so much enjoyment just watching him. It’s the way I’d like to finish my career: Coach him and quit.

Blatt finds joy in spending time on the court with his son because as a child, he never got to experience it with his father whom left him as a child.

2. She Persuaded Blatt to Try and Get a Job With the NBA


David Blatt’s son, Tamir Blatt playing in a game for the Israeli National Team.

Although Kineret is currently living with him in the United States, she helped ease his worry about leaving his family behind to pursue his coaching career.

Blatt explained in an interview with

My wife is very close to her family, but she has been telling me for years that I was supposed to (coach in he NBA). She told me that I had been selling myself short. I had to try it.

Thanks to her blessing, Blatt is where he is now and on his way to making history in the NBA.

3. Blatt Coached Her Before They Started Dating

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Blatt met Kineret in 1991 when he was playing for Ironi Nahariya. Blatt was her coach when they met and then they started dating after and have now been married for 23 years.

Blatt said in an interview with

I married a beautiful Israeli girl, Kineret, from Netanya. I actually even coached her – before we started dating, I want to specify.

4. She Worked For La Liga in Israel

David Blatt, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Maccabi Electra, coach, Cleveland Cavaliers, head coach


Kineret used to work for the largest futbol (soccer) league in Europe, La Liga, according to her Facebook page. Kineret and their four children still live in Israel after Blatt’s move to Cleveland and he has been forced to make new friends in his new city by himself.

Kineret and their three daughters were present at Cleveland’s first round game against the Boston Celtics, but his entire family will be there supporting him during The Finals games in Cleveland.

5. She Attended Tel Aviv University

david blatt

David Blatt announces during a press conference that he is leaving the Maccabi Tel Aviv club for the NBA, but said he has not reached agreement with any team. (JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Kineret met Blatt after her years studying at Tel Aviv University and then moved back to Even Yahuda where the Blatts have created a home. Kineret grew up in this Netanya, Israel a city close to Even Yahuda.

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