Klay Thompson & Hannah Stocking: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson is dating Hannah Stocking, a social media superstar and model. Stocking’s social media fame has built up to over 1.3 million Instagram followers, over 70,000 Twitter followers and over 700,000 vine followers.

Recently, rumors have been spread about Thompson, claiming he broke up with Stocking to be with Kerrueche Tran, Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend. Both Thompson and Stocking responded to the rumors subtly via social media. If the rumors are false, Stocking will be supporting Thompson and the Warriors as they compete against the Cleveland Cavaliers in this year’s 2015 NBA Finals.

Here’s what you need to know about the couple:

1. They Have Been Dating Since October 2014

Since October of last year, Thompson and Stocking have been spotted together here and there and on social media. When the couple met, Stocking was in the beginning of her modeling career while Thompson had just signed a four-year max contract extension worth $70 million with the Golden State Warriors.

2. They Both Live Near Los Angeles, CA

Just last week, Thompson spent $2.2 million on a new house in Capistrano Beach, Dana Point, CA, according to the LA Times. The house is located about an hour outside Los Angeles where Stocking resides. There, Stocking is pursuing her modeling career as seen in her Instagram posts located around the Hollywood area. Stocking can often be seen in photos partying in Las Vegas or immersed in the LA scene.

3. There Were Rumors Thompson Dumped Stocking

kerrueche tran, chris brown

<> at H&M on November 5, 2014 in West Hollywood, California.

Rumors have circulated persistently this week that the Golden State Warriors star has either dumped or been stepping out on Thompson with Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. That news, if true, would be a big blow to Stocking, considering Thompson was calling her his #WomanCrushWednesday as recently as last week.

Stocking’s twitter account has been rather dormant as this gossip has accumulated, but on Saturday she fired off a cryptic tweet that many interpreted as her addressing the Karrueche Tran situation.

4. Both Stocking and Thompson are Sponsored By Various Fitness Companies

hannah stocking


Stocking has become extremely popular on social media as a model and has been sponsored by various companies selling fitness and beauty products. In several of her Instagram photos, she endorses products called the Slender Blender and Fat Melter capsules by Protein World. In addition, Stocking has endorsement deals with FitTea, HiSmile Whitening, LaserAway, Uber, NailGarden and Fashionova with advertisements featured on her social media profile.

Next to Klay Thompson’s $70 million contract extension, he also signed endorsement deals with Body Armor Sports Drink and Anta, an up and coming shoe company he chose over Nike Swoosh.

Body Armor released a statement to Goldenstateofmind.com, saying:

As part of the partnership, Thompson will appear in local in-store advertising campaigns, be featured in social media activation, appear at local events and help to generate awareness for the brand throughout the state.

Thompson also commented:

It’s a new company and it was really a mutual partnership. I tried it last year and really liked it. BodyArmor has no artificial ingredients in it and that’s really important for me because I perform every day.

NBA stars James Harden and Kobe Bryant signed endorsement deals with the Sports Drink Company prior to Thompson. Bryant invested an estimated $4-6 million in the company and sits on the board of directors as a 10% shareholder of the company, according to Forbes.

5. They Are Both Animal Lovers

klay thompson


Stocking is a strong supporter against animal cruelty and can be spotted at various foundation events sponsoring animal rescue programs. Her twitter also features a picture of Hannah as a child with her three pet kittens and often tweets PSAs such as the one pictured below. Judging from the cute photos of Thompson cuddling with dogs on his Instagram count, he is on the same page.

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