WATCH: Colin Cowherd Awkward Interview With Jim Harbaugh

Colin Cowherd’s interview with Jim Harbaugh did not go as expected. Cowherd decided to end the interview abruptly after the awkwardness did not stop. The new Michigan head coach started calling out ESPN host Colin Cowherd for his poor questions. It did not improve from there. Cowherd decided to put the audience out of their misery.

The new Michigan head coach seemed puzzled about the the whole thing. “What can I do to make your interview better?” Harbaugh asked Cowherd. Well, he could start by not being so awkward. However, if that would have happened we would not have this priceless interview.

I am sure this will make the rounds on the Ohio State message boards.

In other news, Harbaugh showed up for the ceremonial first pitch at the Detroit Tigers game with a jersey tucked into his signature khakis.

Harbaugh later responded with this tweet: