WATCH: Andrew Luck Channels His Inner Cat Lady In New DirecTV Ad

DirecTV is back for football season, and they’ve hired a new troupe of QBs to pitch their Sunday Ticket package. Tony Romo, Eli Manning, and Andrew Luck all have wacky alter egos that fail to grasp the greatness that is satellite television. Eli Manning plays a washed-up comedian, Tony Romo portrays a creepy craft nut, and Andrew Luck plays a cat-obsessed loner.

Check out the full ad:

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Note the cream-colored sweater adorned with cats. That’s a nice touch.

It’s interesting that Andrew Luck is staying with the neckbeard through the offseason. Originally Luck had stated he didn’t shave to keep his chinstrap comfortable during the season. Is he the NFL’s version of Anthony Davis? Like Davis, Luck is too talented to be defined by awkward facial hair.

Either way, the facial hair pairs nicely with the idea that Luck is obsessed with chasing kittens around all day. The whereabouts of “Mr. Jaffers” remain unknown.

The Colts open their preseason August 16th at Philadelphia.

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