Jets vs. Colts: Score, Stats & Highlights

andrew luck

Andrew Luck is still searching for his first victory of 2015 (Getty).


New York Jets 7-3-0-10 — 20
Indianapolis Colts  0-0-0-7 — 7

Todd Bowles had a masterful gameplan against the Colts tonight (Getty)

Todd Bowles had a masterful gameplan against the Colts tonight (Getty)

Indianapolis started the season with buckets of hype. They were an early Super Bowl pick, and Andrew Luck was the favorite to win NFL MVP.

They are now 0-2.

The Colts committed 11 penalties and turned the ball over five times, as the Jets cruised to victory, 20-7 in Indianapolis.

Todd Bowles dialed up constant pressure against Andrew Luck, who fumbled and threw three interceptions. Frank Gore fumbled the ball at the one-yard line without being touched. Adam Vinatieri missed his first field goal from inside 30 yards since President Obama was elected.

For the Jets, it was a strong performance that will only build confidence. They were sloppy at times, but Chris Ivory ran for a tough 57 yards and Ryan Fitzpatrick was not careless with the football. On defense they were relentless, getting constant pressure and clamping down when necessary. The Jets had 13 takeaways all last season. They now have 10 through two games.

Next week the Colts (0-2) will look for their first win at Tennessee. The Jets (2-0) will fly home to take on the struggling Eagles.

Fitzpatrick & Marshall Answered the Colts Comeback

After the Colts made the game interesting, the Jets responded quickly with a score of their own. They marched down the field, not encountering a single third down on their way to the endzone. It culminated with Brandon Marshall, who caught a back-shoulder pass thrown accurately by Fitzpatrick against tight coverage. Marshall willed his way into the endzone, and Jets declined a holding penalty on the play.

Luck and the Colts now only have five minutes to get back in the game, and will likely shift to an uptempo/no-huddle offense.

Luck Went Solo to Get his Team Going

Frank Gore fumbling, Andre Johnson disappearing, line not holding blocks.

Andrew Luck decided to do it himself.

With the clock ticking in the final quarter, Luck put together a 91 yard drive to get the Colts on the board. A Luck scramble on third down is what kept the drive going for the Colts, and it’s starting to have an effect on the Jets as well. Luck had rushed for 20 yards earlier in the drive, but it was called back by holding. Now respecting the threat, Luck found multiple receivers to drive the Colts down the field, finally finding Moncrief for the Colts first score of the game.

We’ve got a ballgame in Indy, but the Jets lead 10-7.

Colts Commit Costly Mistakes in 3rd

Coming out of the locker room, the Colts needed to change the tone of the game. They did so, starting the second half with a drive that lasted over ten minutes.

It was all for nothing.

Frank Gore fumbled at the edge of the goal line, giving the ball back to the Jets once again. Gore fumbled just twice in 255 carries last season, and this one was at a terrible time. Luckily for the Colts, the Jets offense sputtered and gave the ball right back.

Getting a chance at redemption, the Colts got the ball back once again, and quickly moved into Jets territory. The Jets, however, were relentless with their pressure. On the third play of the drive, Luck’s arm was hit as he attempted a long pass to Philip Dorsett. Revis came up with the easy interception, and the Colts were rained with boos from the fans.

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HALFTIME: Jets Lead in Indy, 10-0

ryan fitzpatrick

(Mostly) Mistake-free football from Fitzpatrick has the Jets up at halftime (Getty).

The Colts were hoping to sharpen up tonight after a sloppy opening day start in Buffalo.

Different opponent, same Colts.

Indianapolis failed to convert on their first five third downs, and the Colts offense sputtered under ferocious pressure from the Jets. Ryan Fitzpatrick, besides a tipped interception in the endzone, has been solid thus far. Even Adam Vintieri has been off, banging a field goal attempt off the upright.

If the Colts want to get back in this game, for the first time in four years it won’t be through Luck. The QB has struggled against Cromartie and Revis, but Frank Gore has been running strong throughout the first half. Gore has averaged almost six yards per carry, heading into halftime with 7 carries for 41 yards. If the Colts continue to pound the ball, it will open the field for Luck to get to work.

The Colts offense looks troubling, but their defense is in worse shape. Cornerback Vontae Davis, arguably the best player on the Colts’ defense, was taken to the locker room for a concussion test before halftime. The Colts are already down two corners, so look for more short passes to Eric Decker in the second half.

Another Late Turnover Gives the Jets a Late Chance

After a half full of mistakes, Luck and the Colts started with the ball at their own 22, ready to make a final push for points before halftime.

Then the Jets defense struck again.

David Harris forced Luck to fumble on the fourth play of the drive, and Revis scooped the ball for the Jets in great field position.

The Jets played a little conservative with the ball, electing to kick the field goal before heading in for halftime. However, Nick Folk made the upright ring for the second time tonight, and both teams headed to the locker room with the score 10-0.

Fitzpatrick Went to the Endzone, But For the Wrong Team

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Halfway through the second quarter, Fitzpatrick was driving the Jets down for a second score. Six plays in and into Colts territory, Fitzpatrick got greedy on a long attempt to Brandon Marshall. Marshall was unable to corral the ball, and it was snatched by Colts safety Mike Adams, who tapped his feet in bounds before stepping out of the endzone for the interception.

Unfortunately, the Colts were unable to capitalize. Luck has faced tons of pressure thus far, as expected from a Todd Bowles defense. After another unsuccessful third down attempt, the Colts punt back to the Jets. The Colts have failed to convert on their first five third downs attempts.

Luck Threw an INT on His Third Attempt

After two solid runs by Gore were called back by penalties, the Colts attempted to go to the air. Luck was pressured by a safety blitz, but still delivered a fine ball to new receiver Andre Johnson. Johnson couldn’t make the grab, but in his effort he tipped the ball in the air. Calvin Pryor pounced on the opportunity, putting the Jets offense in the field with great positioning.

They didn’t need long.

Fitzpatrick hit Eric Decker just five plays later for a short TD. The Jets spread Indy out with a short field, and Fitzpatrick hit an open Decker across the middle, who waltzed into the endzone untouched.

7-0, Jets. Andrew Luck coming back onto the field.

Flags Dominated the Game Early

The only team that came out hot was the officiating crew. A comical amount of flags slowed the start to the game, including a penalty on the opening kickoff. There have been six penalties in the opening ten minutes.

Preview: Jets-Colts Clash in Super Rematch

brandon marshall

Brandon Marshall has made an immediate impact on the Jets offense (Getty).

When the Joe Namath made his famous guarantee before Super Bowl III, Oliver Luck, Andrew Luck’s dad, was eight years old. Andrew wasn’t there, but the link remains, and we’ll be sure to hear about it when the Colts and Jets meet tonight.

History hasn’t been kind to the Jets since then, but right now they’re on the rise. The Jets looked tough in their opening week win over the Browns, dominating the trenches on both sides of the football. That doesn’t bode well for the Colts, who were pushed around by the Bills in their loss last week.

The two teams have opposing styles, with the Colts being the more finesse football team. That makes it even more important that stud receiver T.Y. Hilton is healthy enough to play tonight. Hilton has been battling a knee injury, but he practiced Saturday and is expected to play. Hilton is currently listed as questionable.

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