Lane Kiffin Rumors: The Tweets You Need to See

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Rumors are swirling about Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin. (Getty)

Rumors are swirling on social media about Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin, claiming that he slept with either a booster’s wife or head coach Nick Saban’s daughter, Kristen. The rumors have not been confirmed and it is not clear where the stories started, but they have become widespread on social media and elsewhere on the internet.

The rumors claim Kiffin is alsoplanning to resign from the coaching staff. Josh Maxson, the director of communications for Alabama football, told TMZ Sports that Kiffin hasn’t resigned or been fired, and that he won’t comment on “stupid” or “crazy” rumors.

Kiffin, 40, joined Saban’s staff last season after he was fired from the head coaching job at the University of Southern California in 2013. Kiffin is married and has three children.

The booster and his wife have not been named in any of the rumors. Kristen Saban married childhood friend Adam Setas in May.

The rumors appear to have started Wednesday night and spread Thursday morning:

National media reporters and the beat writers covering Alabama have chimed in on Twitter, but have not specifically mentioned the rumors:

Many Twitter users have weighed in with jokes:

Kiffin was already taking heat after Alabama was upset by Ole Miss on Saturday:

One thing that is definitely true, this photo is NOT Kristen Saban:

At some point, a photo of model Sarah Jean Underwood, seen in the tweet above, became connected to Nick Saban’s daughter. But it’s not her.

Also, Lane Kiffin looks a lot like comedian Daniel Tosh:

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