WATCH: Adam “Pacman” Jones Slams Amari Cooper’s Head into Helmet

“Pacman” Jones is back to his old tricks. For some reason he decided to grab Amari Cooper’s head and slam it into his own helmet during the second quarter of the Week 1 Raiders and Bengals game. Somehow, Jones was not ejected from the game. Cooper had two catches for 30 yards at that point in the game.

Jones had been jawing with some of the Raiders players throughout the first half. The referees called offsetting personal fouls during the scuffle that happened at the end of this play.

When commissioner Roger Goodell took office, Jones was one of the first players he disciplined. In 2007, Goodell suspended Jones for an entire year. He was part of a brawl at a Las Vegas nightclub. During the altercation, two men were shot and one man became paralyzed.

The year before Jones was involved in another incident in Dallas with a bodyguard. He was suspended for 6 games for that incident. It was his own bodyguard that the altercation was with, and it happened while Jones was a member of the Dallas Cowboys.

FOX Sports recently reported that Jones has become an avid golfer. He told FOX: “Young Adam would never play golf. I was too hyper, too this, too that. It’s crazy what two, three years can do for your maturity. You have kids and a lot of things change. You can’t yell in the house. Little stuff that kind of hits you.”

Judging by the incident with Cooper, Jones may have relapsed into his old ways for a moment.

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