Jamie Gordon, Alex’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Alex Gordon wife, Jamie Gordon, Kansas City Royals

Alex and Jamie Gordon have become one of the most popular couples in Kansas City. (Twitter)

Alex Gordon has been through everything. And his wife, Jamie, has been by his side every step of the way.

Sky-high expectations. Injuries. Position changes. The long-time pair have been through it all and, somehow, found a way to succeed. In fact, they’ve thrived.

The couple have become one of the most prominent couples in all of Kansas City sports, but have still managed to maintain their homegrown roots as well and raise a family that is fairly close to picture-perfect.

Now, as Alex and the Kansas City Royals go after a World Series title, Jamie will, once again, be along for the ride. Here’s what you need to know about her:

1. Jamie & Alex First Met When They Were Both Students at Nebraska

Jamie Gordon, Alex Gordon wife, Kansas City Royals

Gordon was working towards her bachelors degree when she first met Alex during their college years. (YouTube Screenshot)

Both Jamie and Alex grew up in Nebraska and while the pair didn’t know each other when they were young, they met while attending school at the University of Nebraska.

Jamie earned her bachelor’s in education at Nebraska before going on to get her masters at Kansas.

Of course, Alex’s dominance at Nebraska is well-documented. He finished his career as a .355 hitter and was ranked in the top-10 in eight different offensive categories: total bases (447, third); homers (44, fourth); RBIs (189, fourth); doubles (53, fourth); runs (188, eighth); hits (249, ninth); slugging percentage (.657, ninth) and triples (11, 10th). He was selected No. 2 overall by the Kansas City Royals in Jue 2005; the highest by a Husker since Darin Erstad and the highest draft pick in Big 12 history.

2. The Pair Tied the Knot in 2008 & Still Live in Nebraska in the Offseason

Jamie and Alex got engaged in December 2007 and were married in 2008. Although the family live in Kansas City during the baseball season, the couple still have strong roots in Nebaraska and actually live in Lincoln in the offseason. Alex explained the decision to Huskers athletics:

Jamie grew up in Lincoln, too. She got her bachelor’s in education at Nebraska and got her master’s at Kansas. Raising children is a full-time job. Her family lives in Lincoln and mine does, too. Lincoln has that home-town feel for both of us. When you grow up in Lincoln, it feels like home whenever you go back.

The home in East Lincoln, marks the second time a standout from the Nebraska program has found their way back to the city. MLB’er Darin Erstad, now a Huskers assistant coach, also moved to the area with his family.

3. Jamie & Alex Are Parents to Two Sons: Max & Sam

Alex Gordon wife, Jamie Gordon, Kansas City Royals

The Gordon’s split their time raising their sons in both Kansas City and Nebraaska. (YouTube Screenshot)

The Gordon family got two new members in September 2010 and again in August 2014 when Jamie and Alex welcomed sons Max and Alex. Family has always been important to the couple and Alex has been open about discussing his approach to parenting. He told MLB Media:

My dad was always a hard worker and my mom was always at two jobs, a hard worker. So I just grew up around it. That’s how I was raised, and it was just kind of a natural thing.

There’s no word yet as to either Max or Alex’s baseball prospects, but growing up in the Gordon household has certainly helps promote a love of the diamond.

4. Jamie Was Mocked During a 2008 Interview With a Dallas Radio Station

Alex Gordon, Alex Gordon wife

Although Gordon is used to criticism, Jamie faced an unexpected wave during a radio interview in 2008. (Getty)

Alex Gordon is no stranger to critiques from both the media and fans and, in 2008, his wife faced her own wave of criticism when she appeared on Dallas sports-talk station KTCK for an interview.

Jamie was asked a series of questions on the interview, including one as to whether or not she knew who Yoko Ono was. She didn’t and was met with a “drop” button that played the words “stupid bi…” over the air. The button was pressed several times throughout the interview. When word reached Royals PR of the situation, they demanded an apology. The team’s vice president of communications at the time, Mike Swanson, told The Kansas City Star:

Having to play the interview for Alex was not an enviable task. Then one of the show’s hosts told me he wouldn’t apologize directly to Alex because that was my job as a liaison. That really got me upset.

The station never officially apologized to either Jamie or Alex, although they did send apologies to the Royals PR department.

5. Jamie Works Closely With Other Royals Wives on Several Charitable Endeavors

Despite her jam-packed schedule, Jamie regularly spends a good amount of her time doing charity work, often joining fellow Royals wives on a handful of charitable endeavors.

In 2011, Jamie and Ale joined forces with the team and AdoptAPet.com, laucnhing a public service announcement in the Kansas City area to help encourage local families to adopt pets of their own.

The couple have also regularly worked with the team as part of the franchise’s annual coat drive. The event helps support the work of SAFEHOME, which aims to break the cycle of domestic violence and partner abuse for victims and their children.