Chris Polk & Alfred Blue Fantasy Value After Arian Foster Achilles Injury

Alfred Blue will be the Texans primary back moving forward. (Getty)

Alfred Blue will be the Texans primary back moving forward. (Getty)

It has hit the fan for the Houston Texans.

If it wasn’t bad enough that the Texans were embarrassed Sunday during their 44-26 loss to the Dolphins, they were dealt a devastating blow after the game. Arian Foster, the key running back who worked hard to return from groin surgery, was carted to the locker room with what appears to be a torn Achilles. If that’s the case, Foster’s career may be over.

As for the Texans, they will once again be without their top rusher. Foster plays a key role in the Texans’ offense, both rushing and receiving. There’s no replacement for Foster, but Chris Polk and Alfred Blue will share time in the backfield from now on.

It’s hard to tell which running back the Texans favor more, so it’s a risky play from a fantasy perspective. Overall it’s Blue will receive more touches, but it wouldn’t take much from Polk to sway the coaches. Blue has 56 of the team’s carries to Polk’s 44, so it’s not overwhelming favoritism.

If Blue has anything going for him, it’s that he’s proven his effectiveness. Blue has had the best game of any Texans back this season, rushing for 139 yards and a TD Week 3 against the Buccaneers.