WATCH: Colts Stuffed On ‘Worst Play in Football History’

Chuck Pagano will have to answer questions about some odd playcalling. (Getty)

Chuck Pagano will have to answer questions about some odd playcalling. (Getty)

There were a lot of big plays during the Patriots 34-27 win over the Colts on Sunday night. Mike Adams had a pick-six, LeGarrette Blount had a long touchdown, but the biggest play of the night was made by Chuck Pagano.

We think. Nobody knows anymore.

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Facing a critical fourth and three, the Colts lined up like they were going for it, except that their entire offensive line was off the line of scrimmage. After it appeared the Colts were just trying to draw the Patriots offsides, they shocked everyone by actually snapping the ball. Colts safety Colt Anderson was engulfed immediately, and the Patriots took over on downs.

What happened? Receiver Griff Whalen was lined up at center, but did anyone tell him to snap the ball? Was he looking at the five Patriots defenders standing over him?

The best guess is that Whalen had his head down, and someone, not necessarily Anderson, gave the “hut” signal to snap the ball. It was an aggressive move by the Colts, but poor execution cost them dearly.

That ended up being the sole margin of victory, and the biggest talking point from Sunday night.

The call baffled critics, coaches, and fans alike. It turned the game for New England, and it might cost Chuck Pagano his job.