RIP Daniel Volquez: Tweets Remembering Edinson’s Dad

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Volquez still started Game 1 of the World Series despite news his father had just passed away on Tuesday. (Getty)

Royals pitcher Edinson Volquez, who started in Game 1 tonight of the World Series, may have more on his mind than just the big game.

Right before the game started, it was reported that Daniel Volquez, Edinson’s father, passed away in the Dominican Republic. He died of heart complications due to the 63-year-old’s battle with heart disease.

Ken Rosenthal, a reporter for, announced the news on the broadcast once Volquez was taken out of the game and able to join his family in the team clubhouse. He originally tweeted saying FOX is aware of the news but doesn’t want to report it while Volquez is in the game because he may hear the broadcast in the clubhouse.

It is not certain if Volquez was aware of this news when the game started at 8 p.m. The Associated Press reported that Volquez was told about his father’s passing on the way to the ballpark and “The 11-year veteran appeared to warm up as if nothing was amiss on a misty evening in Kansas City, then marched stoically to the mound to start the game as the crowd roared.”

ESPN reported Volquez was given the news about his father on the way to the stadium before the game.

People are taking to Twitter asking if the pitcher has heard the news as well as expressing their condolences. Many people, including non-Royals fans, are saying they respect Volquez for staying in the game despite the news.

Here are the tweets you need to see:

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