Glen Rice Jr. Shot: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Glen Rice Jr. Shot

Glen Rice Jr. was shot in Atlanta. (Getty)

Glen Rice Jr. is the NBA player who was shot in Atlanta during a gunfight. A verbal argument started at Scales 925 in Atlanta and it evolved into a shooting. Rice was shot in the leg and seen ditching his gun as he fled the scene.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Rice Was Shot in the Leg During a Fight

glen rice jr shot

Glen Rice Jr. was shot during a fight in Atlanta. (Getty)

Glen Rice Jr. was shot in the leg after a fight erupted outside of Scales 925 in Atlanta. The fight started on the upper deck patio, then spilled into the parking lot after the staff threw the men out. One man, who hasn’t yet been identified, shot Rice in the leg during the fight, TMZ reported.

2. The Argument Started at Scales 925 in Atlanta

glen rice jr shot

The argument happened at rapper TI’s new restaurant. (Getty)

The fight and shooting took place at Scales 925, which is a new Atlanta soul food restaurant owned by rapper TI, Fansided reported. TI was not at the restaurant when the shooting occurred. The fight started out among five or six men, according to a police report, but then it got more heated between Rice and one other heavyset man. The man who shot Rice fled the scene in a black sedan.

3. Rice Was Seen on Video Ditching His Gun As He Fled the Scene

glen rice jr shot

Glen Rice Jr. ditched his own gun before he fled the scene. (Getty)

Rice fled the scene in a Porsche driven by a friend. Video footage of the scene caught Rice ditching a gun of his own by throwing it down a stairwell before he took off, TMZ reported. The car stopped at nearby Emory Hospital and Rice got out of the car and collapsed on the sidewalk, saying he didn’t know who shot him, AJC reported.

4. He Got Into a Porsche Driven by Steven Pryor, Who Was With Him in a 2012 Shooting That Got Rice Kicked Off the Georgia Tech Team

Glen rice Jr shot

This isn’t the first time Glen Rice has been involved in a shooting. (Getty)

This isn’t Rice’s first run-in with the law. He fled this argument in a Porsche that was driven by friend Steven Pryor, TMZ reported. Pryor was also with Rice during a shooting incident that got Rice kicked off the Georgia Tech basketball team in 2012. Back then, Rice was leaving Halo Lounge near Georgia Tech when police pulled him over after responding to a call about shots being fired. Pryor was a passenger in the car and said that he accidentally shot his 9mm. Pryor was arrested and charged and Rice was also arrested for permitting unlawful operation of a vehicle. He was kicked off Georgia Tech’s team because of it.

5. He’s Being Charged With Reckless Conduct and Possession of Marijuana

Glen Rice Jr shooting

Glen Rice Jr. has a net worth of over $1 million. (Getty)

Police caught up with Rice at Emory and transported him to Grady Hospital, AJC reported. When police searched the car later, they found a black bag next to it with 240 grams of marijuana inside along with Rice’s passport, AJC reported. Rice also had nearly $6,000 on him at the time. He’s being charged with possession of marijuana and reckless conduct.

Rice had played briefly for the Washington Wizards in the NBA, but the team waived him in January. He had only played 16 games with the NBA, Fansided reported. TMZ said that he was looking into possibly playing basketball overseas. According to Net Worth Portal, Rice had an annual salary of $496,000 when he played for the Wizards and his net worth as of 2014 was $1.2 million.

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