WATCH: Le’Veon Bell Scores Winning Wildcat Touchdown

As time expired Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell broke the hearts of San Diego fans. Trailing 17-20, the Steelers ran a wildcat play for Bell. He took the direct snap and plowed through Chargers defenders for the touchdown as the clock struck zero. The Steelers defeated the Chargers 24-20.

The play was set up by a long Michael Vick run. The Chargers scored a late field goal to take the 20-17 lead. The Steelers received the ball with less than two minutes remaining and successfully ran their hurry up offense.

The Steelers risked running the play without having time to call a timeout but it worked out for Pittsburgh. It looked as if time would have expired on the play. Bell had 21 carries for 111 yards and one touchdown in the game. He also had four receptions for 16 yards.

The play was a crushing blow to the Chargers at home who had the win in their grasp.

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