Mike & the Mad Dog 30-for-30 Announced

Bill Simmons is still attached to the "30 for 30" franchise. (Getty)

Bill Simmons is still attached to the “30 for 30” franchise. (Getty)

Bill Simmons is slowly creeping back into the sports scene, today appearing on the Mike Francesa show. During his appearance, Francesa announced that he would be participating in Simmons’ highly successful “30 for 30” series.

Before the announcement, Simmons and WFAN have had their run-ins. Grantland.com, the ESPN spinoff site created by Simmons, published an outstanding oral history of WFAN in 2012. During the interview, Francesa also mentioned that he asked Simmons to succeed Chris Russo as his co-host in 2008.

While the pair would’ve made for an interesting series of ramblings, Simmons is currently producing content for HBO. It’s still unsure what type of program Simmons will debut sometime next year, but the move will allow him to be more vocal against topical sports issues (RE: John Oliver).

There is no official release date on the 30 for 30, so expect to see more news in the next year. Until then, you can hear Francesca on the radio here, or Bill Simmons on his weekly podcast.

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