Who Is Philip Rivers Wife?

From marrying his childhood sweetheart to his large family, there is a lot to know about Philip Rivers life off the field. Tiffany and Philip Rivers got married during his freshman year at NC State. The couple knew each other since middle school and Philip has said he knew he was going to marry Tiffany as soon as he saw her.

Over the offseason, Rivers signed a new contract that will keep him with the Chargers until 2019. According to SB Nation, the deal has $61 million in guaranteed money. This is good news for the Rivers family as they have a new baby on the way.

Here is what you need to know about the couple:

The Couple Is Expecting Their Eighth Child

The Rivers are expecting a baby daughter. According to the San Diego Sun Times, they will have six daughters and two sons once their eighth child is born. It takes a passenger van to transport the entire Rivers family. According to the Bleacher Report, they had the first child right before his first training camp.

Rivers spoke with the National Catholic Register about being a father:

Every day there’s something new to witness. It’s fun to watch them grow. Tiffany and I comment to each other on which one is more like mom or more like dad when they do certain things. Each one is different, but I really enjoy watching them play together and love each other. That’s very special to see as a dad.”

Philip & Tiffany Got Married While He Was at NC State

The couple got married while Philip was a freshman at NC State. According to waitingtillmarriage.org, he asked his head coach Chuck Amato if it would be okay if Rivers got married.

Amato eventually approved of the marriage and Rivers spent the majority of his college football career married. The couple have been outspoken about their Catholic faith and their commitment to not having sex until they were married.

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