Steve Spurrier Retiring: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



The Head Ball Coach is finally calling it quits. According to Sports Illustrated, Steve Spurrier informed his South Carolina team that he is retiring. An interim head coach is expected to be named by Wednesday. There has been no immediate timeline laid out as to whether Spurrier will coach anymore this season.

Spurrier spent the offseason refuting reports that he planned to retire soon. The Gamecocks got off to a dismal 2-4 start which likely contributed to the decision. Keep it here for updates of the situation in Columbia. Here was some of Twitter’s reaction to the news:

Here is what we know so far about Steve Spurrier’s Retirement:

1. An Interim Coach Will Be Named by Midweek

There has been no announcement on whether the interim coach will take over immediately or once the season has ended. What has been reported is Spurrier is indeed retiring from coaching. It is unknown who the interim coach will be for South Carolina. Gamecock Central reported that the interim coach will come from inside the staff.

ESPN is reporting that the interim coach will be named Wednesday. Other outlets are reporting that the announcement will be made on Tuesday.

2. No Timeline Has Been Announced

Gamecock Central reported that Spurrier’s retirement will begin immediately. The University of South Carolina and Steve Spurrier have not announced whether it will take place immediately or at the end of the season.

3. Spurrier Called a Press Conference to Deny Retirement Plans

The announcement comes months after Steve Spurrier spent the offseason announcing he would not be retiring any time soon. He called an impromptu press conference in Columbia in response to a newspaper article suggesting that Spurrier’s time in coaching was coming to an end. Spurrier appeared angry in the press conference and was adamant over the offseason that he would not be retiring.

4. South Carolina Went 2-4 Under Spurrier This Season



The Gamecocks struggled at the beginning of the 2015 college football season. The team went 2-4 with the lone wins coming against North Carolina and UCF. Spurrier was with the school as head coach for 11 seasons. He previously spent time as head coach at Florida, Duke and with the Washington Redskins.

5. He Was Always a Great Interview

Spurrier was known for being a great interview. It would be no surprise if he ended up working in the media. Various media members reflected on their time covering Steve Spurrier and his teams. Here was some of the reaction: