College Football Playoff Rankings & Analysis Week 13

The College Football Playoff committee unveiled their latest set of rankings. In keeping with tradition, the committee was not afraid to mix things up.

There are two new teams in the top four.

Clemson retained the first spot, followed by Alabama at two, Oklahoma at three and Iowa at four. If the season were to end today, Clemson would play Iowa and Alabama would play Oklahoma in the College Football Playoff.

Oklahoma was the biggest beneficiary of the most recent rankings. They jumped from seventh to third this week after their narrow victory over TCU. Michigan State jumped from ninth to fifth after upsetting Ohio State. Ohio State dropped all the way from third to eighth after their loss to Michigan State.

Notre Dame was the biggest loser this week. They dropped from third to sixth which would put them outside the College Football Playoff. Since the Irish are not in a conference they will not have the benefit of playing in a conference championship game.

Their last game of the season is Saturday against Stanford. It remains to be seen if a win against the Cardinal would be enough to move them back into the first four teams.

Here are the complete rankings:
1 Clemson
2 Alabama
3 Oklahoma
4 Iowa
5 Michigan State
6 Notre Dame
7 Baylor
8 Ohio State
9 Stanford
10 Michigan
11 Oklahoma State
12 Florida
13 Florida State
14 North Carolina
15 Navy
16 Northwestern
17 Oregon
18 Ole Miss
19 TCU
20 Washington
21 Mississippi State
23 Utah
24 Toledo
25 Temple