WATCH: DeAngelo Williams’ Block Puts Aldon Smith on His Backside

DeAngelo Williams is a man. He’s a ten-year NFL veteran, and is the Steelers starter for the remainder of the season. Williams isn’t capable of doing everything injured Le’Veon Bell can do, but he comes with his own savvy skillset.

For one, he’s a much better blocker than Bell.

Watch DeAngelo Williams put a chip block on Raiders end Aldon Smith. Williams plants Smith into the ground, and the proceeds to run the rest of his route like a true professional.

These are the things a coach like Mike Tomlin lives for.

And Williams isn’t checking some scrub defensive end. Smith may have fallen from grace since his days in San Francisco, but the former 49er recorded 19.5 sacks in 2012, just three years ago.

This is another example of what was a great first half of football in Pittsburgh. The Steelers lead 21-14, but this has been a quality game on both ends. The Raiders line looks physical. Antonio Brown looks unstoppable. There was one penalty in the entire first half.

Old. School. Football.

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