WATCH: Dez Bryant Blows up at Reporter in Locker Room [NSFW]

Dez Bryant took issue with one of the reporters in the Dallas Cowboys locker room. In the above video, Bryant can be seen yelling at a reporter in the locker room. According to the Star-Telegram, Bryant was initially angry at ESPN reporter Jean-Jacques Taylor for using the N word when talking to Cowboys receiver Devin Street. Taylor is African-American. Bryant confronted Taylor for using the word.

The altercation caught on tape in the above video was after Sports Illustrated’s Robert Klemko tweeted this about the initial altercation.

This caused Bryant to get angry about Klemko’s tweet. Bryant can be heard yelling, “Fix this, Rich.” He was speaking to Rich Dalrymple, the Cowboys Public Relations Director. Jason Witten stepped away from an interview to try to calm Bryant down.

Another Dallas area reporter, Pat Doney, is refuting Bryant’s claim that Taylor used the racial slur.

Bryant later issued this tweet explaining the situation:

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