What Is Eddie Alvarez’s Net Worth?

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Eddie Alvarez is a championship-winning American mixed martial artist. What is this celebrity’s net worth?

(CORRECTION: A previous version of this article incorrectly associated this story with a different Eddie Alvarez MMA fighter recently featured on Dr Phil.)

His net worth has been estimated by publications like Celebrity Glory, but the numbers may not be accurate.

A court battle kept Alvarez with Bellator for longer than he wanted, which potentially cost him a significant amount of money. He’s a lightweight champion with Bellator, but that doesn’t bring in the same big bucks as UFC. If he had been able to move to UFC from Bellator in 2013, he would have gotten a title shot at the winner of the Dec. 8 match. This would have brought him $70,000 in base pay, plus another $70,000 if he won, and a $250,000 bonus, MMA Fighting reported. If he won the UFC title, he would have gotten $850,000, earning him more in one night than he made in four years with Bellator. If the show hit 900,000 views, his pay-per-view bonus would have been $1.35 million.

He’ll likely see more success now that he’s with the UFC. In August 2014, he was released from his Bellator contract and signed with the UFC. He lost his first fight in September 2014, pulled out of a fight in January 2015, and won a fight in June 2015. He’s expected to fight against Anthony Pettis on January 17, 2016.

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