Who is Marcus Mariota’s Girlfriend?

kiyomi cook, mariota girlfriend

Kiyomi Cook’s Twitter Avatar is a picture from her recent graduation from Oregon, but her location is set to Nashville. (Twitter)

Let’s be honest ladies: Marcus Mariota is a catch.

He’s a family man, he’s great with kids, and he comes from a great family. Oh, and he’s a former Heisman Trophy winner and current starter for the Tennessee Titans. With all that in mind, it’s hard to not be at least a little jealous of Kiyomi Cook.

There’s not much on the record about Mariota and Cook, but that’s the way Mariota likes it. He’s not one to comment on relationships, especially in his first year as an NFL quarterback.


Cook was most notably with Mariota at his draft party, which Mariota held in his home state of Hawaii. Up until late 2014, Mariota had been dating Nicole Watase, his high school sweetheart who attended Oregon to be with him. Watase was a cheerleader while Mariota was the QB at St. Louis high school, and Watase, who is a year younger, enrolled in Oregon before Mariota’s sophomore season.

So how did Mariota go from Watase, who followed him to Oregon, to Cook?

Mariota won’t tell, but there are some clues.

In an essay Mariota wrote when he was in fourth grade, he predicted, “I’m going to go to school at Saint Louis and play football, then move to USC, then the NFL, and I’ll marry a soccer player.” While he didn’t attend USC, Kiyomi Cook started 34 games in four seasons for the Oregon women’s soccer team.

Not enough? Ok, here’s one more. According to Cook’s LinkedIn page, she graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in human physiology. Marcus Mariota finished his degree in three seasons, earning a general science degree with an emphasis in – wait for it – human physiology.

Given the rigors of being a student-athlete, combined with the time constraints of lab-based class assignments, it’s more than possible Cook and Mariota spent a lot of time together in the classroom. Who knows, Cook could be the reason Mariota graduated with a 3.22 GPA in December.

Either way, we hope to see more of Cook in the future. Her social media is set to private, but Mariota and Cook can only avoid the spotlight for so long.