Abby Wambach & Wife Sarah Huffman: The Pictures You Need to See

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Over her 15 year career with Team USA, Abby Wambach has given us many memorable moments. With 184 international goals, more than any man or woman in history, Wambach has made an indelible impact on the pitch. But she's also made an impact off the pitch, as one of several gay players on Team USA's World Cup squad.

Wambach has been married to former soccer player Sarah Huffman since 2013. While she doesn't hide her orientation, Wambach doesn't flaunt it, either. Her and Huffman were wed in a low-key ceremony in Hawaii, but Wambach ran over to embrace Huffman from the stands after USA won the World Cup final.

The pair now reside in Oregon, and after tonight, both will have closed the book on tremendous soccer careers. Now they'll have even more time to hit the beach, explore Oregon, and play with their adorable nieces and nephews.

Before Abby's last game, she deleted her Instagram and Twitter accounts. Luckily for us Sarah did not, so we can still look at some great moments from the pair. (Twitter)

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“Her and Huffman were wed in a low-key ceremony…”

“Her and Huffman”?!?! That should be, “She and Huffman…” You’re welcome.

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