Baillie Burmaster: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The great thing about sports is the stories of the people involved in the games we love. One of these unique stories is that of the relationship between Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield and Baillie Burmaster. Mayfield is the star quarterback for Oklahoma while Burmaster is a former soccer player at the Sooners’ rival Oklahoma State.

It is easy to see what Mayfield likes about Burmaster. She is an athlete herself and involved in sports journalism. The two have put their rivalry aside to have a successful relationship.

Here is what you need to know about Baillie Burmaster:

1. Baillie Attends Oklahoma State While Baker Mayfield is the Quarterback at Oklahoma

I may not have been nominated for anything, but I sure got myself a nice "tall" trophy.

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Bedlam had an entirely new meaning this year. Burmaster attends Oklahoma State but her boyfriend, Baker Mayfield, is the starting quarterback for Oklahoma. It is one of the biggest rivalries in college football. Burmaster hosted the pregame coverage for Oklahoma State this season, including prior to the game against Oklahoma.

The game was in Stillwater and Burmaster sat with her father in his typical section on Oklahoma State’s sideline. Her allegiance to the Cowboys started as a child, but she admitted to rooting for her boyfriend in the game although she wore orange.

2. She Was a Soccer Player at Oklahoma State

The couple has a lot in common including their love for athletics. She walked on the soccer team at Oklahoma State just like Mayfield did at Oklahoma. She has already completed her senior season as a defender on the team and is set to graduate from Oklahoma State in May 2016.

Both Mayfield and Burmaster know what it is like to fight for a spot in college athletics. Mayfield started as a walk-on quarterback for both Texas Tech and Oklahoma.

3. Ballie Has Worked as a Sports Reporter

Burmaster is a double-major in Sports Media and Marketing at Oklahoma State. She hosts the Countdown to Kickoff show for Oklahoma State before the Cowboys football games.

She is an intern for Orange Power Studios which produces television shows related to Oklahoma State sports. She has also worked for local television stations. Burmaster not only has excelled as a reporter but placed in the top 12 of the 2013 Miss Oklahoma USA.

4. The Couple Met Through Trevor Knight

Shoutout to ba(k)e.

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Trevor Knight is the former starting quarterback for Oklahoma. He is friends with Burmaster and she told him that she was going to be in Norman to visit. Mayfield was with Knight when they met and the two exchanged numbers.

Nothing came of the relationship immediately. The two happened to be in Austin at the same time during their 2014 Christmas break. During that span, they went out a few times and have now been dating for about a year.

5. Mayfield Grew Up Two Houses Down From Baillie’s Parents

We may not look this happy next weekend…but bring that booty to Stillwater boiii ? #bedlam #ouhateweek #gopokes #baker4heisman

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Although the two exchanged numbers, it was a while before they communicated. Mayfield texted her when he went back home to Austin, Texas to see if she was in town.

Burmaster’s family moved to Austin several years ago. It turns out their houses were on the same street just two houses down from each other. The two had never met until that weekend in Norman.