UEFA Champions League: Who Qualified, Final Group Standings & Match Schedule

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Barcelona have cruised through Champions League (and all other) competition this season. (Getty)

By Wednesday’s end, The Knockout phase of the Champions League will have it’s 16 teams. The draw will take place on December 14th, when each group winner will be paired with a runner-up. Those teams will then play a home and away series, with the winner in goal differential advancing to the quarterfinals. After each round the seeds will be redrawn.

Who’s the favorite so far? All eyes are in Spain, where Barcelona cruised to the top spot in Group E. They join two other Spanish clubs in the next round, all of whom have experience going deep in the tournament. But the attack of Barcelona has been overwhelming this season, and if Barcelona can keep their key pieces healthy they will be tough to defend.

After the teams are drawn, we won’t see any Champions League action for two months. The first legs of the Round of 16 will be played on February 16, 17, 23, and 24. The second legs will finish the round on March 8, 9, 15, and 16.

Here is a list of all Champions League qualifiers:

Qualified Teams:

Group A:

Winner: Real Madrid (16 points)

Runner-Up: Paris Saint-Germain (13 points)

EUROPA Qualifier: Shakhtar Donetsk (3 points)

Group B:

Winner: Wolfsburg (12 points)

Runner-Up: PSV Eindhoven (10 points)

EUROPA Qualifier: Manchester United (8 points)

Group C:

Winner: Atlético Madrid (13 points)

Runner-Up: Benfica (10 points)

EUROPA Qualifier: Galatasaray (5 points)

Group D:

Winner: Manchester City (12 points)

Runner-Up: Juventus (11 points)

EUROPA Qualifier: Sevilla (6 points)

Group E:

Winner: Barcelona (13 points)

Runner-Up: Roma (6 points)

EUROPA Qualifier: Bayer Leverkusen (6 points)

Group F:

Winner: Bayern Munich (12 points)

Runner-Up: Arsenal (9 points)

EUROPA Qualifier: Olympiakos (9 points)

Group G:

Winner: Chelsea (13 points)

Runner-Up: Dynamo Kiev (11 points)

EUROPA Qualifier: Porto (10 points)

Group H:

Winner: Zenit St. Petersburg (15 points)

Runner-Up: Gent (10 points)

EUROPA Qualifier: Valencia (6 points)

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