WATCH: Odell Beckham Jr. Sideline Touchdown Catch vs. Dolphins

Paging Santonio Holmes.

Beckham made another ridiculous touchdown catch against the Dolphins, extending his body off the sideline. After the catch, the sideline referee ruled the catch incomplete. Beckham pleaded with the official, showing him the football.

The call was immediately challenged, and was reversed to a touchdown.

The catch was reminiscent of Santonio Holmes’ catch to win Super Bowl XLIII for the Steelers. It’s just another day at the office for Beckham, who is no stranger to the absurd when it comes to touchdown catches.

It means more for OBJ against Miami and Jarvis Landry, with whom Beckham is close friends. It’s a shame Landry saw it from the locker room. The Dolphins receiver is dealing with injuries, and left the field early in the third quarter.

Beckham has also left the field during this game. He came out after halftime when the Giants received the kickoff, but headed into the locker room with cramping as the offense took the field.

It’s an important touchdown for the Giants, who need to keep winning to keep pace in the NFC East.