Antonio Brown Injury: Status & Availability For Denver

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Antonio Brown will have one week to recover for Denver. (Getty)

In miraculous fashion, the Pittsburgh Steelers escaped Cincinnati with a win over the Bengals. They will now head to Denver, where they will face the Broncos for a second time this season.

The game did not come without consequence. There were a number of scuffles in the game, and players were injured throughout the contest. Antonio Brown was one of the casualties, as he took a hard shot to the head from Vontaze Burfict. He has been diagnosed with a concussion, and it is unclear if he will be available next week.

Brown took the hit, drawing a 15-yard penalty. The call gave the Steelers extra yardage late in the game, and an extra flag afterwards gave the Steelers a manageable length to kick the game-winning field goal with 15 seconds remaining.

Brown stayed on the field for several minutes after being hit. Right before that play, he had made a critical catch on fourth down to keep their season alive.

After the game, Mike Tomlin told reporters that Brown has suffered a concussion. That means a week of concussion protocol and tests for Brown, putting his status next week in serious jeopardy.

So begins a week of anxiety for Steelers fans. Brown is the key piece of the Steelers offense, and has been near unstoppable this season. Brown set career highs in catches and yards this season, finishing with 136 grabs for1,834 yards.



Mary B.

“Brown took the hit, but it was worth it.”
For one human being to say that another being viciously, maliciously knocked unconscious while he’s defenseless in a time where we are only beginning to understand the devastating effects of concussions is completely irresponsible. I would never even think of phrasing a thought that way. But you sir as a “journalist” should be more aware of the way you word your thoughts before publishing them for other people to see. I, for one, hope that Antonio Brown suffers no lasting effects from his brain injury and that the Steelers medical staff does not attempt to rush him back for next week’s “must-win” game. I hope that his family will be assured that he will cognitively functional once his brain heals. I hope that he never suffers another concussion like that ever again, and that the league is able to prevent those injuries from happening in the future. Before you published this article, you should have thought of Junior Seau and the dozens of others who played through concussions to win, only to end up taking their own lives. If Antonio Brown becomes one of them, would it still be “worth it”? As someone who earned her Masters degree in English, the sentence is unnecessary to begin with, as it serves no purpose to the rest of the paragraph. As a human being, it is unnecessary to ever say that someone’s physical and mental health being put in serious jeopardy is “worth it”. Shame on you sir.

Mary B.

P. For you to spew such hatred and call me a derogatory name based on my gender just shows that you must either have some serious demons or are compensating for other inadeqacies. I feel badly that you are plagued by such anger to take precious time out of your day to write “shut up bitch” on a message board. I will seriously take your criticism to heart and will consider shutting my bitch self up before ever calling out a journalist on an irresponsibly written article ever again though. May you one day find peace.

Mary B.

Thank you for your words of wisdom Anonymous. I’m confused though. I am neither distraught nor crying. I am simply expressing my concern for P.’s pre-teenish name calling on a message board, and your lack of confidence to even use a name while expressing your amateurish advice. I hope that doing so validates your sense of purpose on this planet though. The footprint you are leaving is obviously one to be admired.

Steeler rob

If these guys were getting paid 100.000 a year I’d agree.but they get paid millions to take the risk.hope he’s OK but that’s tackle football

Tom edgerle

Please Lord heal Antonio brown,help him recover and be in good health , I love you Lord amenits sad some people just don’t get it have a nice day Mary your are appreciated!


I parayed for you Antonio Brown
You will have a full recovery!
God Bless to yall

Mary B.

Hey Anonymous. Maybe pigeon holing yourself and pretending problems don’t exist is your way of dealing with issues. I hope it helps you solve your own. My way of dealing with injustices is to speak my mind and listen to others’ opinions. I truly do appreciate your heartfelt efforts to help me with pointing out a journalist’s improper phrasing and refusing to be called a bitch. But if none of the many people who expressed the same opinion as I had would have spoken up, the phrasing of the article would have remained the same. The tens or dozens of people who read this article would think that being knocked unconscious just so a professional kicker had a higher likelihood of making the kick was “worth it”. Instead, it was revised. You should take a lesson from Adam Jones and critically think before you post things Anonymous, if it’s possible. Or maybe you should take your own advice and just not comment on message boards anymore….


Mary B. Is my new favorite person! Way to speak your mind, and with such etiquette. #DontFeedTheTrolls


Hey listen I’m a steelers fan and I respect your opinion and all, but you’re indirectly insulting people and acting like they can’t insult you too. You have to learn to take the hits if you are going to dish or some too, as well as ignoring these comments because you are the better person and don’t have to get dragged down the a lower level :)


Your comment that Antonio Browns head injury was ” worth it ” was stupid! Yes, the penalty advanced the ball, but at the expense of brain trauma?


I was thinking the same thing. Stupid piece of writing!! Do you not have editors??


I couldn’t agree more. It’s not worth it to lose your top player in such a violent way


Yeah, but dont you think it is the referees fault too… they could have ejected Burfict along time ago and none of this would have happened.

Pam Gast

Totally agree…… It’s a game, and as much as I may want my team to win, to win at the expense of any player’s injury is NOT worth it….

Alan Gallivan

I was thinking the same thing. Then I realized that we buy into the whole industry and the game, a mere one step removed from Romans among Gladiators.
Let’s put it another way: If Big Ben plays next week, and we somehow knew ahead of time that, if he plays, he would get a concussion and the team would win, would we ask the team to forfeit instead, since his brain trauma is not worth it?

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