Who Was Inducted Into the Baseball Hall of Fame 2016?



Welcome to Cooperstown, Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza.

Aiming to become the first ever unanimous selection into the Baseball Hall of Fame, Junior came up three votes short (437 out of 440 ballots cast), but he did set a new record for highest percentage of votes (99.3) all-time, passing Tom Seaver (98.8).

Piazza, who was in his fourth year on the ballot, rounds out the two-man Hall-of-Fame class with a solid 83.0 percent of the vote.

Jeff Bagwell and Tim Raines were hovering above the 75-percent line on the public ballots, but both of their percentages dipped after the final tally. It’s undoubtedly disappointing for both, but each player–especially Raines, who will be in his last year on the ballot–should safely make the cut in 2017, when players like Vladimir Guerrero, Ivan Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez join the ballot.

Here are the full 2016 voting results:

2016 Baseball Hall of Fame Voting Results

2016 Hall of Fame Class

Ken Griffey Jr.: 99.3 Percent

Mike Piazza: 83.0 Percent

Stay on 2017 Ballot

Jeff Bagwell: 71.6 Percent

Tim Raines: 69.8 Percent

Trevor Hoffman: 67.3 Percent

Curt Schilling: 52.3 Percent

Roger Clemens: 45.2 Percent

Barry Bonds: 44.3 Percent

Edgar Martinez: 43.4 Percent

Mike Mussina 43.0 Percent

Alan Trammell: 40.9 Percent

Lee Smith: 34.1 Percent

Fred McGriff: 20.9 Percent

Jeff Kent: 16.6 Percent

Larry Walker: 15.5 Percent

Gary Sheffield: 11.6 Percent

Billy Wagner: 10.5 Percent

Sammy Sosa: 7.0 Percent

Eliminated From 2017 Ballot (Less Than 5 Percent)

Mark McGwire: 12.3 Percent (10th Year on Ballot)

Jim Edmonds: 2.5 Percent

Nomar Garciaparra: 1.8 Percent

Mike Sweeney: 0.7 Percent

David Eckstein: 0.5 Percent

Jason Kendall: 0.5 Percent

Garret Anderson: 0.2 Percent

Brad Ausmus, Luis Castillo, Troy Glaus, Mark Grudzielanek, Mike Hampton, Mike Lowell, Randy Winn all received zero votes

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