Chiefs Playoff Chances: Seeding & Potential Matchups

NFL playoff seeding and scenarios offer fans a lot of confusion in figuring out exactly where your team is headed. It is a good problem to have as many fans who’s team play their last game today would gladly trade places. We are here to help you, Chiefs fan.

The Chiefs have clinched a playoff spot and now the question is what seed they will end up with.

The first thing you need to know is the Chiefs will not be the fourth seed in the AFC. That spot will go to the winner of the AFC South.

That leaves the Chiefs fighting for either the third, fifth or sixth seed. Entering Week 17, the Chiefs have the fifth seed and would travel to Houston to face the Texans.

A Chiefs win today along with a Broncos loss would give the Chiefs the AFC West division crown. This would put the Chiefs as the third seed allowing them to host a first round playoff game. In this scenario, they would face either the Broncos, Steelers or Jets.

A Chiefs loss against the Raiders would put them as either the fifth or sixth seed. Their most likely opponent as the sixth seed would be the Bengals.

A loss along with a Jets loss would give them the fifth seed where they would face the AFC South winner. The NFL has a great resource if you want to play around with the different playoff scenarios.

Got all that? Keep it here all day as Heavy will be breaking down the latest NFL playoff scenarios, matchups and news for the Chiefs.