How Many Super Bowls Have the Patriots Been to & Won?

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Thanks to an unprecedented run of success, the New England Patriots, who were one of the original AFL teams to begin play in 1960, have cemented their spot as one of the most successful franchises in NFL history.

With their stunning 34-28, come-from-behind, overtime win over the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI, the Patriots won their fifth Super Bowl, improving to 5-2 on football’s grandest stage. And with their come-from-behind 24-20 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Championship Game Sunday, New England advanced to its 10th Super Bowl.

Below is a look at their Super Bowl history:

Super Bowl XX: Jan. 12, 1986, Lost to Chicago Bears, 46-10
Super Bowl XXXI: Jan. 26, 1997, Lost to Green Bay Packers, 35-21
Super Bowl XXXVI: Feb. 03, 2002, Beat St. Louis Rams, 20-17
Super Bowl XXXVIII: Feb. 01, 2004: Beat Carolina Panthers, 32-29
Super Bowl XXXIX: Feb. 06, 2005: Beat Philadelphia Eagles, 24-21
Super Bowl XLII: Feb. 03, 2008: Lost to New York Giants, 17-14
Super Bowl XLVI: Feb. 05, 2012: Lost to New York Giants, 21-17
Super Bowl XLIX: Feb. 01, 2015: Beat Seattle Seahawks, 28-24
Super Bowl LI: Feb. 05, 2017: Beat Atlanta Falcons, 34-28 in overtime
Super Bowl LII: February 4, 2018: TBD

The Pats are the first team in history with nine Super Bowl appearances, though the Pittsburgh Steelers (six) have more wins, and the Dallas Cowboys (five) and San Francisco 49ers (five) have the same amount.

Moreover, Tom Brady, regarded by some as the best quarterback of all-time, has been under center for the Patriots’ most recent seven Super Bowl appearances, five of them victories. Six starts was already the most in Super Bowl history, and the fifth win would surpassed Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw.

For Bill Belichick, who has been the head coach of those six appearances and four wins as well, the fifth victory moved him past Chuck Noll for the most in history. He also has two rings as the defensive coordinator of the New York Giants.




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Leigh Bolding

I hope the Falcons beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. #1 the Falcons have never won a SB, and has only made 1 SB appearance. #2 Matt Ryan and the Falcons played great all season, & I’m not a Falcons fan at all. I’m a die hard Giants fan. But I don’t like Brady and never have agreed with the little suspension and fine he got for cheating. My opinion is any QB or players caught cheating should automatically be let out of there contact and be fired and never be allowed to play in the NFL again. So Matt Ryan and the Falcons are more deserving of the SB than Brady and the Cheatriots. Just saying. Bleedblue4life1980.


The Falcons have cheated as well as every other team out there.. More deserving? How so? Brady took him punishment and they still have the best record in the NFL. Teams don’t win superbowls on how “deserving” fans think they are. Jesus wept, do they need a participation trophy? Play hard and win. them you get your ring.


drake, you’re not literate, nor do you have any substantiated facts to back up the fact that the Falcons “cheated”. I never even knew that was a THING. What is wrong with you?

artimis fowl

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