Poll: Who Is Better, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

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Tom Brady and Peyton Manning face each other for the 17th time in the 2016 AFC championship. The winner will have the opportunity to lead their team to another Super Bowl.

The matchup raises the question that has been debated in barbershops, talk shows and everywhere in between. Who is the better quarterback between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady?

Heavy wanted to give you the opportunity to weigh in on the debate. In celebration of Manning-Brady XVII, we have opened up a poll.

A few stats to think about before you vote. Brady is 11-5 in the previous matchups. The series is split 2-2 in the playoffs with Manning winning two of three AFC Championship Games.

Manning leads in most of the statistical categories like passing yards and touchdowns. Brady has a strong edge in both Super Bowl appearances and victories.

He has won four Super Bowl rings compared to one for Manning. Brady has appeared in six Super Bowls while Manning has appeared in three.

Now we leave the decision up to you. Cast your vote for Manning or Brady in the poll below.