WATCH: Russell Wilson Picks Up Fumble, Completes 35-Yard Pass

Well, that’s one way to jump-start an offense.

Struggling for most of Sunday’s wild-card contest against the Minnesota Vikings in the sub-zero temperatures, Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks trailed 9-0 early in the fourth quarter and needed a big play in a bad way. And they got it at the most unexpected time.

After bobbling the snap and watching the ball roll freely behind, Wilson calmly picked it up, avoided about seven defenders barreling down on him unimpeded and found a wide-open Tyler Lockett, who made the catch and run for 35 yards. Two plays later, Wilson connected with Doug Baldwin to finally get the Seahawks on the board.

It’s another play to go on the highlight reel for Wilson, who has made Houdini-like plays back in the pocket his entire career.

The Seahawks turned an Adrian Peterson fumble into a field-goal on the next possession, taking a 10-9 lead in the fourth quarter.




Was Russell Wilson’s knee down when he picked up the snap (fumbled) ? Shouldn’t the play be over then ?

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