WWE Smackdown Spoilers & Results for January 7

WWE Smackdown spoilers, WWE Smackdown results

Smackdown won’t air until Thursday night, but we’ve got plenty of taping spoilers here. (Facebook)

It’s a new era of SmackDown.

The WWE event will switch channels on Thursday night, moving to USA Network for the first time after a long stint on SyFy. But, of course, Smackdown was taped before it airs and that means we’ve got some serious spoilers from the Laredo Energy Center in Laredo, Texas.

Keep reading at your own risk. Here’s how it all played out. If you want to check out the show this week, Smackdown airs on Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on USA.

Spoilers? Spoilers.

John Cena kicked off the show, making a rare Smackdown appearance, and reiterated his desire for a United States Championship match against Alberto Del Rio. However, Del Rio refused the challenge and the night got underway in non-title action.

Kalisto jumped into the ring, though, and actually defeated Del Rio in a non-title match. Then, things got a little weird.

The Miz came out and introduced Miz TV, but was interrupted by The New Day, Dolph Ziggler, Goldust, R-Truth and Neville. Yup. All of them. It sparked an 8-Man Tag Team match that was absolutely as chaotic as you’d expect. In the end, though, Ziggler, Goldust Truth and Neville defeated The New Day and the Miz.

Ziggler was the last man standing after the match and even appeared to turn heel or tease a heel turn. After the victory, R-Truth raised Ziggler’s hand, but Zigger then superkicked him and eyed Neville down the ramp.

As the night went on, the title defenses took place as Divas champion Charlotte defeated Becky Lynch to retain her title after Ric Flair’s interference. Then, Intercontitental champion Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens battled to a double count-out as they fought around the ringside arena.

The tag-team match will likely eat up a large part of Thursday night’s broadcast and it will likely look a little weird for fans who may also be curious about the group’s connection with each other.

The Ambrose and Owens battle didn’t do much but further the rivalry between the two men. It won’t spark much excitement, but it keeps the storyline moving.

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