Chosen Newton, Cam’s Son: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Newton has only been a father for just over a month, but he isn’t shy about showing his family pride.

Cam Newton surprised the entire football-watching world when he announced, via Twitter, that he was a first-time father in December 2015.

Newton posted a string of tweets sharing that he and his long-time girlfriend, Kia Proctor, had welcomed a son. And, suddenly, a brand-new star was made.

Now, with Newton and the Carolina Panthers heading to the Super Bowl, the spotlight is shining on the quarterback’s off-field life and fans are anxious for any tidbit of news they can learn concerning Newton’s foray into fatherhood.

Read on to learn more about Newton’s son, his outlook on fatherhood and what his family is like away from the game:

1. Newton’s Son is Named Chosen

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Cam Newton son name, Cam Newton son
Newton announced the name of his son with a very specific choice of clothing. (Twitter)

After more than a week of speculation, following the Twitter announcement of his birth, Newton finally revealed that his son was named Chosen. Of course, he did it in fantastic fashion, sporting the name on the back of his practice jersey.

Officially, Newton’s son’s full name is Chosen Sebastian Newton and he explained the unique moniker, telling the media:

I wanted something that would be masculine, but yet unique. I’m not a big fan of juniors and every person that I’ve had this conversation when I say ‘I don’t want to have the pressure of him being a junior’, they reply, ‘what the hell do you think Chosen’s going to bring?’

His Panthers teammates weren’t surprised by the name either. Wide receiver Jerricho Crotherchery told ESPN, “It doesn’t surprise me with him because he goes against everybody else’s trends or mindset or perspective. He goes with what he feels at that moment. It’s a pretty special thing to have your own children. It does change you. You have to look at things differently. You have to provide for someone. I can attest to one thing, he’s happy to be a dad. He’s a proud dad.”

Newton’s pride seemed fairly obvious. Even if he isn’t talking about being a dad, his clothes are.

2. He Said He Kept His Son’s Birth a Secret to Make Sure It Didn’t Distract the Team

Newton took to Twitter on December 30 to announce that he and his long-time girlfriend Kia Proctor had welcomed a son, posting the following tweets:

According to reports, Chosen was born on December 24, 2015, but Newton opted to wait several days before announcing the arrival of his son, citing a focus on the football season and an attempt to keep distractions away from his teammates.

Still, he managed to honor his son on the field in a handful of different ways. Newton wore a warm-up t-shirt of himself and a mini-me dabbing before the Divisional Round matchup against the Seattle Seahawks and also celebrated a touchdown against the Atlanta Falcons during the regular season by rocking the football in his arms.

3. Critics Have Voiced Their Anger That Newton Had a Child While Still Unmarried

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There have been plenty of critics for Newton all season, now there are critics for his son as well. Getty)

Well, that didn’t take long.

Newton has been a lightning rod for controversy all season, as critics have questioned everything from his touchdown celebrations to his reactions on the sidelines. Now, the critics are questioning his relationship status and the impact it will have on his son.

Just days after Newton announced that he had become a father, The Charlotte Observer published a handful of letters to the editor critiquing Newton for not being married. The first letter, sent by Patricia S. Broderick of Mooresville, North Carolina, including this:

So the man whom we celebrate, and with good reason, has produced a son. Congratulations would be in order if he had been man enough to marry the mother of his child and make a home. This happy occasion is blighted when Cam, whose own parents were married, skips the very basis of being a good parent.

I am just very sorry and very disappointed.

Then, Thomas Uhl, also of Mooresville, followed up with his own opinion, writing:

Cam is a role model to many of our young males, both white and black. The least that he and his longtime girlfriend could have done is to get married prior to giving birth to show his followers that not only is he a superstar, but also a person with high morals.

This isn’t the first time a letter to the editor in The Charlotte Observer has sparked controversy. The paper previously published a letter from a Tennessee mom who was upset over Newton’s on-field behavior during a regular season game against the Titans.

Still, there are those who support Newton; both on and off the field. The paper also published a letter from Sheila Peltzer from Charlotte who sent congratulations to Newton and his recently expanded family.

4. Chosen Is The First Child Newton & His Girlfriend Have Together

Cam Newton wife, Cam Newton girlfriend, Kia Proctor

Newton and Proctor have been together for nearly three years are now parents to their first child together. (Instagram)

When he first announced the arrival of his son, Newton mentioned his long-time girlfriend. That girlfriend is Kia Proctor and the pair have reportedly been together since 2013.

Newton and Proctor made their first public appearance in May of 2013 when they were spotted at the Kentucky Derby together. Since then, the pair have stayed mostly out of the spotlight although they were seen together at the NFL’s post-season awards ceremony in 2014.

Proctor, 27, previously worked as a dancer at the Washington DC Stadium Club, a well-known strip club in the area, but, according to her Instagram, is now working as a model.

Chosen is the first child for the pair, although Proctor, whose full name is Shakia, has a daughter from a previous relationship as well.

5. Newton Told Reporters Chosen Can Already Walk