Lauren Mirra: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

At 41, BMX pioneer Dave Mirra has died. He leaves behind millions of fans, but most importantly his wife and two daughters. Mirra was dedicated to his family, using the hashtag #BeaDadNotaFad in many of his social media posts.

Here are the facts on Mirra’s wife:

1. Lauren & Dave Were Married in 2006

Dave met Lauren in the Greenville, North Carolina area, where he went with his brother in the 1990s. Dave and Tim Mirra made an impact on the BMX scene in North Carolina, but it was Dave who quickly emerged as one of the world’s best riders.

Dave and Lauren were married in February 2006 in Napa, California.

2. The Mirras Have Two Daughters

The Mirras were married in February 2006, and in September that year they became parents. Madison Mirra is the oldest daughter, and Mackenzie Mirra was born one year later.

No matter the endeavor, Dave was always there being a role model his daughters. His Instagram feed is filled with photos of the girls at gymnastics, ice skating and of course, riding bikes. Most of them are accompanied by the hashtag #beadadnotafad.

3. Lauren is a Certified Holy Yoga Instructor

Lauren enjoys yoga, and is a registered HYI, or Holy Yoga Instructor. A mission statement on describes the practice as “experiential worship created to deepen people’s connection to Christ.”

To become a certified instructor, Lauren participated in at least 95 hours of training and student teaching.

4. She Recently Began Teaching Her Own Yoga Classes

In late 2015, Lauren launched her own practice. It’s called Inspired Yoga with Lauren Mirra, and she has already begun teaching classes in the Greenville area. According to the Facebook page, Lauren has an agreement to teach classes at the Greenville Hilton.

Lauren also co-leads a Women’s Holy Yoga group held with her church every month.

5. Lauren Was a Constant in Her Husband’s Active Lifestyle

Even after retiring from BMX, Mirra continued to live an active lifestyle. He raced rally cars, fooled around as a boxer, and most recently was competing in triathlons. Lauren was by his side at every step, and ran in her first triathlon in 2013.

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