How Many Children Does Peyton Manning Have?

Peyton Manning and his family have remained notoriously low-key over the years. His wife, Ashley Manning, has been by his side since meeting him during Peyton’s days at the University of Tennessee, has actually been described as making “a concerned effort to stay out of the spotlight” over the years. Since the Mannings’ personal life has been on the down-low for so long, one may wonder: do they have kids, and how many?

The Mannings welcomed twins — a daughter named Mosley and a son named Marshall — in 2011, just before Peyton’s departure from Indianapolis to Denver. As a CBS Denver feature points out, neither Ashley nor the twins were at Peyton’s introductory press conference in Denver, continuing their tradition of remaining low-key.

Peyton did mention that his family is excited about the move to Denver. “I think they’ll be just fine,” he told Denver’s CBS affiliate. “It’s a great place to live, so it will be exciting.”

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As you can see in both the video and tweet above, Peyton and the kids are able to have tons of family fun in Denver, even during training camp.