Super Bowl 2016: The Prop Bets You Need to See



For many of those who don’t have a dog in the Super Bowl fight, one of the most compelling parts of the Big Game is undoubtedly the prop bets.

There are hundreds of different propositions that you can risk your hard-earned money on, ranging from the coin flip to the length of the national anthem to the absurdly ridiculous outcome of the actual game.

You can click here for a full list of bets that Bovada has to offer, via, but some are far more entertaining than others.

Here’s a look at the very best:


Coin Toss

Heads: -105

Tails: -105

Team to Win the Coin Toss

Panthers: -105

Broncos: -105

How Long Will it Take Lady Gaga to Sing the National Anthem?

Over 2:20: -120

Under 2:20: -120

Cross Sport

What Will Be Higher?

Trump % points in the New Hampshire Primary: -200

Total points scored by the winning Super Bowl team: +150

Exact Outcome

Panthers Win, Donald Trump wins Presidential Election: +325

Panthers Win, Hillary Clinton wins Presidential Election: +175

Panthers Win, Bernie Sanders wins Presidential Election: +500

Broncos Win, Donald Trump wins Presidential Election: +700

Broncos Win, Hillary Clinton wins Presidential Election: +450

Broncos Win, Bernie Sanders wins Presidential Election: +1000

Will Denver Win Super Bowl, Peyton Manning Retire, San Antonio Spurs Win NBA Finals & Tim Duncan Retire?

Yes: +2000

What Will Be Higher?

DeMarcus Cousins points + rebounds, Feb. 7: +110

Cam Newton rushing yards: -150

What Will Be Higher?

Jordan Spieth 1st-Round score at 2016 Masters: EVEN

Demaryius Thomas receiving yards: -120


How Many Times Will “Dab” or “Dabbing” Be Said by the Announcers?

Over 2: EVEN

Under 2: -140

How Many Times Will the Golden Gate Bridge Be Shown?

Over 0.5: -300

Under 0.5: +200

How Many Times Will John Elway Be Shown?

Over 2.5: EVEN

Under 2.5: -140

How Many Times Will Archie Manning Be Shown?

Over 1.5: EVEN

Under 1.5: -140

Will Peyton Manning Be Seen Crying at Any Point?

Yes: +600

No: -1200

Will Mike Carey Be Wrong About a Challenge?

Yes: +135

No: -160


What Song Will Coldplay Play First?

Adventure of a Lifetime: +200

Fix You: +350

A Sky Full of Stars: +450

Viva La Vida: +500

Clocks: +750

Head Full of Dreams: +1000

Paradise: +1000

What Color Will Beyonce’s Footwear Be When She Comes on Stage?

Black: +150

Gold/Brown: +250

White: +275

Silver/Grey: +475

Any Other Color: +700

Will Left Shark Make an Appearance on Stage During the Halftime Show?

Yes: +1500


What Color Will the Liquid Be That Is Poured on the Winning Coach?

Orange: +125

Blue: +300

Clear: +400

Yellow: +400

Red: +600

Green: +600

Purple: +1000

Will Peyton Manning Announce His Retirement in the Post-Game Interview?

Yes: +500

No: -1000

Who Will the MVP Mention First?

Team: +200

God: +200

City/Fans: +600

Coach: +750

Family: +1500

Does not mention anyone: +225