WWE RAW Spoilers & Highlights: February 1

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Will Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns turn on each other in the weeks leading up to Fastlane? (Instagram)

Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman Opened The Night

Well, we got right into it. Entering to chants of “Suplex City” Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman entered the ring to get the latest edition of Raw underway. The pair acknowledge the three-way battle to come at Fastlane and that Lesnar firmly plans to destroy both Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns during the event.

That pretty speech is interrupted however, when Dean Ambrose comes to the ring as well. He calls Heyman “porky” and lets the world know that he wants the WWE Heavyweight title so bad he’s willing to fight his brother, Reigns for it.

Kalisto Held on to Take Down Rusev in a Non-Title Match

The U.S. Champion that could just keeps picking up victories over the league of Nations.

Although Rusev was in control for much of the match, Kalisto showcased some of his most impressive acrobatic skills and was able to use a slide to get away from Rusev in key moments. Also, if watching a man land on his feet after he’s been thrown out of the ring is wrong, then we don’t want to be right.

Kalisto wins by a count out, but that was a pretty darn entertaining match and the rematch between Kalisto and Alberto Del Rio at Fastlane is going to be a good one.

The Usos Take Down Curtis Alex & Adam Rose as the Social Outcasts Keep Losing

After Lilian Garcia called The Usos Grammy award winners, the Social Outcasts make an appearance sans Bo Dallas. They explain it away as him working on his rap music. Naturally.

The tag team match gets underway quickly and Adam Rose takes control against Jey Uso. Somehow, we’re not quite sure how, Jey gets the tag on Jimmy Uso and the pair clean house. They connect on a double superkick on Rose and that’s more than enough to notch the victory.

AJ Styles Appeared on Miz TV & Quickly Beatdown

After his win over Chris Jericho last week, it seems safe to say that AJ Styles WWE debut has been pretty darn good. Of course, The Miz isn’t going to admit to that any time soon.

In fact, he goes so far as to question whether or not AJ Styles is ready for the big time and continues to trash talk Styles throughout the entire skit. There are boos, a lot of them and The Miz simply does not care. Until Styles starts to beat down on him. Completely.

We enjoyed that a lot.

Brie Bella Defeated Charlotte. It Happened.

And this was Ric Flair’s reaction:

Despite some serious trash-talk from Charlotte earlier in the night, Brie Bella took down Charlotte in a non-title match that has her, quite suddenly, in the conversation for the WWE Divas Championship.

Charlotte tried to go for the Figure Eight roll for the win, but Brie was able to move her around and get the victory.

The Wyatt Family Continues to Creep & Titus O’Neil Staged a Short Victory

Big Show absolutely destroyed Erick Rowan, but The Wyatt Family was there to back him up and it didn’t take long before the creepiness absolutely took over. After the bell, Braun and Harper beat down on Show for several minutes, bringing out all the stops and wrapping up with a double slam on the top of the steps.

Titus O’Neil followed up with a matchup against Tyler Breeze that wasn’t all that interesting. The two sparred for a few minutes before Titus won with relative ease.

Dolph Ziggler Took Down Kevin Owens & KO Was Not Pleased

It honestly looked like Kevin Owens was going to win.

We don’t really know how he didn’t, especially when things like this happened:

But despite throwing Ziggler out of the ring, getting a two-count and, essentially, dominating much of the match, Owens couldn’t seal the victory. After trying to go for the pop-up powerbomb, Ziggler landed on his feet and executed the Zig Zag for the win.

Then, Owens basically lost his mind. He threw the announcers notes, tossed things on the ground and walked away moping slightly.

Quite A Lot Happened in the Final Match. Like A Lot

That’s how it ended. Let’s recap how it all started.

So, we knew all night that Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns were going to team up against the New Day. The big question was whether or not the long-time friends would actually turn on each other in the ring. The answer to that question? Nope.

Ambrose and Reigns teamed up, like old times, and took down the New Day with a handful of major moves and it looks like everything is great. Friendship reigns supreme, right? Nope.

Brock Lesnar’s music starts, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are appropriately surprised and the New Day seize their chance. They pounce on Reigns and Ambrose while Lesnar literally stands outside the ring and laughs.

Reigns is dragged out of the ring and slammed onto the announcers table while Lesnar uses just one move to take down Ambrose in the ring. It’s quick. It’s effective. And it sends a serious message. Fade to black.

Pre-Raw Spoilers

A week after the Royal Rumble and the announcement that Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose would square off for the right to battle Triple H in Wrestlemania, things are just heating up in the WWE World. So, we’ve got some pretty high expectations for tonight’s brand-new RAW from Birmingham, Alabama.

But what exactly can we expect? The WWE hasn’t announced any specific matches yet, but the following superstars have already been advertised: Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Sheamus, Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens, Alberto Del Rio, Rusev and Chris Jericho.

We’ve also got some tidbits of info on what to expect from tonight’s event:

  • Albert Del Rio is still trying to get back the U.S. Title. Obviously. His feud with Kalisto is far from over and the League of Nations isn’t backing away from this battle any time soon.
  • This whole shtick with Goldust and R-Truth is a thing. It’s going to keep happening and the two may actually form a tag-team.
  • Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns’ relationship is going to be tested heading into Fastlane. The friends have been through a lot together and having the Authority pit them against each other is going to create some serious tension. Don’t forget Ambrose still has that feud going with Kevin Owens too. He’s a pretty busy guy.
  • Sasha Banks is on a one-woman mission to claim the Divas Championship from Charlotte.

Speaking of Charlotte, the Divas champ spoke on a recent episode of Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast, discussing the possibility of taking on Sasha Banks at WresetleMania:

I get goosebumps just thinking about it, just thinking about being a part of, first of all, WrestleMania as main roster talent. This will be my first time even being considered to be able to be on the card. And then, to think that [facing Banks] is a possibility, and we started together. We were just generic babyfaces, and then the BFFs, and then look where we are now.

RAW gets underway at 8 p.m. ET on USA Network. Make sure to check back here throughout the event for the latest updates and highlights.

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