John Cena Injury Status, Update & WrestleMania Return

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John Cena hasn’t wrestled in months and despite an intense rehab, the WWE Superstar may not be on track for a WrestleMania return. (Twitter)

WrestleMania is the biggest event in the entire WWE universe, but will one of the most recognizable wrestlers in that entire universe miss this year’s event at AT&T Stadium?

Maybe. Or, well, maybe not.

John Cena has been out of the ring since early January after suffering a shoulder injury that forced the Superstar to undergo surgery and a strenuous slate of rehab. It had been expected that Cena might be able to make his return during WrestleMania on April 3 and while he is still expected to appear at the event in Dallas, Texas, it’s not exactly in the way many wrestling fans hoped.

Despite looking ready for the ring in his social media rehab updates, the rumors now suggest Cena won’t be ready for a full return until well into the summer. Cena posted the following video on Twitter on Sunday:

That’s not ideal for the WWE.

If Cena get wrestle again until July, it means he will not only miss WrestleMania, but also be sidelined for three other major pay-per-views: Payback, Extreme Rules, Battleground.

There is, however, a bit of a silver lining; as difficult as that may be to believe. Cena appeared as a guest host on the TODAY Show on March 28 – the same day RAW is filming at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. He tweeted this out before heading to the morning show set:

So, what does that mean?

Well, if the rumors are true, it means that Cena will appear in a non-wrestling role on Monday night’s RAW and, likely, in the same capacity at WrestleMania. After all, there’s plenty of drama for Cena to be involved in. Could he back Roman Reigns in his fight against The Authority or will Cena be the latest start to aid Dean Ambrose ahead of his match against Brock Lesnar?

Either way, Cena’s injury has still been a blow to the WWE roster. The injury bug has been hitting some of the company’s biggest stars and while Cena isn’t the only star who has been sidelined ahead of WrestleMania.

Luke Harper is still out of action after sustaining a knee injury on WWE Raw last week, while Randy Orton is expected to return to WWE TV next month. Former WWE champ Seth Rollins is also hopeful for a quick return, announcing on social media that he has been cleared to train in and out of the ring after undergoing reconstructive surgery on his knee late last year.

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