NHL Playoff Picture March 29: Standings & Latest Projections

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The Washington Capitals are sitting at the top of the NHL heap after clinching the Presidents’ Trophy earlier this week. (Getty)

It’s been a few days since our latest NHL postseason projections and in that time things have changed just a bit.

A handful of teams have clinched while others have cemented themselves in specific seeds and, perhaps most importantly, others have been, officially, left out on the outside looking in.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s still room for some serious movement before the playoffs get underway in April. In fact, the Atlantic Division is still very much up in the air, the Dallas Stars and St. Louis Blues are jockeying for positioning in the Western Conference and the Anaheim Ducks simply refuse to go away.

In other words, things are just starting to get fun. Read on for a breakdown of the current NHL playoff outlook, who would play who if the season ended right this very moment and what squads have been, officially, eliminated.

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