NFL Monday Night Football Schedule 2016: Teams & Dates

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2016 Monday Night Football Schedule

Note: All games on ESPN and at 8:30 p.m. ET, unless noted otherwise

Week 1: Steelers at Redskins, 7:10 p.m. ET

Week 1: Rams at 49ers, 10:20 p.m. ET

Week 2: Eagles at Bears

Week 3: Falcons at Saints

Week 4: Giants at Vikings

Week 5: Buccaneers at Panthers

Week 6: Jets at Cardinals

Week 7: Texans at Broncos

Week 8: Vikings at Bears

Week 9: Bills at Seahawks

Week 10: Bengals at Giants

Week 11: Texans at Raiders (Mexico City, Mexico)

Week 12: Packers at Eagles

Week 13: Colts at Jets

Week 14: Ravens at Patriots

Week 15: Panthers at Redskins

Week 16: Lions at Cowboys


The NFL has an array of different prime-time and national television slots on its schedule, but there’s still something a little extra special about playing on Monday nights.

Although Sunday Night Football consistently did better ratings last year, the lights for Monday Night Football are still undeniably bright. And with such massive national audiences, teams tend to play at their highest level, resulting in a lot of highly competitive games.

Of the 17 MNF games last year, 14 were decided by one possession. By comparison, only 11 of 19 Sunday Night Football games were decided by a single score, while Thursday Night Football, which tends to produce lower quality games due to the shorter preparation week, clocked in at just 10 of 16.

Still, the actual matchups–as opposed to the level of play–on Monday Night Football have drawn some criticism recently, and it’ll be interesting to see what teams get those spots in 2016.

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