Premier League Table: BPL Final Standings 2016

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The final day of the Premier League season features all 10 matches simultaneously, as clubs battle for their final positioning in the table. The title is obviously locked up and so is the relegation fight, but there will still be movement for many EPL teams on the final Sunday. And when movement means money, each spot can make a noticeable difference.

With the top club earning almost 25 million pounds for winning last year, each spot in the table is worth more than £1 million. The final day can be massive for a team like Bournemouth or West Brom, who could leap at least three spots with a win today.

Liverpool have a spot in the Europa League final, but they’re position for next season is still unclear. There’s a possibility they finish with the exact same team stats as West Ham, which would force a tiebreaker match to be played some time in the offseason.

Let’s take a look at all 20 clubs, with their final place in the table:

1. Leicester City

Points: 81
Record: 23-12-3
Last Five: DWDWD
(Clinched BPL title)

2. Arsenal

Points: 71
Record: 20-11-7
Last Five: WDWDW

3. Tottenham Hotspur

Points: 70
Record: 19-13-6
Last Five: WDDLL

4. Manchester City

Points: 66
Record: 19-9-10
Last Five: DWLDD

5. Manchester United

Points: 63
Record: 18-9-10
Last Five: WWDWL
Next Fixture: Bournemouth (Postponed)

6. Southampton

Points: 63
Record: 18-9-11
Last Five: DWWWW

7. West Ham United

Points: 62
Record: 16-14-8
Last Five: DWWLW

8. Liverpool

Points: 60
Record: 16-12-10
Last Five: DLWDD

9. Stoke City

Points: 51
Record: 14-9-15
Last Five: LLDLD

10. Chelsea

Points: 50
Record: 12-14-12
Last Five: WDDDD

11. Everton

Points: 47
Record: 11-14-13
Last Five: WLLLW

12. Swansea City

Points: 47
Record: 12-11-15
Last Five: LLWWD

13. Watford

Points: 45
Record: 12-9-17
Last Five: LWLLD

14. West Bromwich Albion

Points: 43
Record: 10-13-15
Last Five: LDLDD

15. Crystal Palace

Points: 42
Record: 11-9-18
Last Five: DLLWL

16. Bournemouth

Points: 42
Record: 11-9-17
Last Five: WLLLD
Next Fixture: Manchester United (Postponed)

17. Sunderland

Points: 39
Record: 9-12-17
Last Five: DDWWD

18. Newcastle United

Points: 37
Record: 9-10-19
Last Five: DDWDW
Clinched Relegation

19. Norwich City

Points: 34
Record: 9-7-22
Last Five: LLLWL
Clinched Relegation

20. Aston Villa

Points: 17
Record: 3-8-27
Last Five: LLLDL
Clinched Relegation


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