WATCH: Kyle Lowry Hits Buzzer-Beater Three to Force OT

Kyle Lowry wife

Kyle Lowry wasn’t particularly impressive in Game 1 against the Miami Heat, that changed in the final seconds of regulation. (Getty)

Well, that’s one way to make up for a less-than-ideal performance in regulation.

Kyle Lowry hadn’t exactly played his best basketball during Tuesday night’s series opener against the Miami Heat, so he made up for it in the best way possible, by hitting a buzzer-beater at half court to force OT. Check it out:

Lowry had missed his first five three-pointer attempts earlier in the night. He was also 7-of-48 from distance during the entire postseason. Let’s just say this makes up for it. The Toronto Raptors fans who, according to the TV broadcast, had started to empty out of the arena immediately returned to their seats after that shot.

Miami went on to win the game 102-96, but, hey, that was still one heck of  shot.

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