Leicester Odds to Win Title: How Many People Took Foxes at 5000-1?

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Leicester are on the verge of completing the most unlikely championship seasons in history, and that means some people are getting paid. The Foxes were a tremendous underdog to begin the season, and those that backed the Foxes at 5000-1 have had to fight their nerves all season long.

If Ranieri’s men raise the trophy, bookmakers are expected to be on the hook for at least £20m, according to Sky Sports. That doesn’t include the millions awarded to fans who cashed out early, which totaled over £1m at SkyBet alone.

In all, it’s expected to be the largest ever single-market cost to English bookmakers.

SkyBet had 128 people holding golden tickets for Leicester, but some of them have been cashed out. Another site, Ladbrokes.com, had 47 people wager on Leicester, with just over half accepting buyouts before the result.

Earlier in the season we spoke with Leigh Herbert, a local Leicester supporter with a £5 wager still on the books. After seeing how the Foxes finished in 2015, Herbert, who told us he may have been drunk at the time, placed the wager figuring “this is our best chance to win the league ever.” He says he’ll use the money to get debt-free, spend a little on the missus and possibly make a deposit on a new house.

And then there’s this unfortunate wager:

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