Leicester Win the Premier League: Spurs Can’t Get Result vs. Chelsea

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Leicester fans only had to wait an extra day to celebrate, as the Foxes have clinched the Premier League title. Lone contender Tottenham needed three straight wins to put any pressure on Leicester, and they couldn’t get the result they needed against Chelsea.

Leicester will raise the trophy at King Power Stadium on Saturday, regardless of the result against Everton. The match is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. Eastern.

Spurs looked to be keeping pace with the Foxes, leading Chelsea 2-0 at halftime in a very physical match. Chelsea got their first goal from Gary Cahill 58 minutes in, and got the tying (and season-ending) goal from Eden Hazard in the 82nd minute.

Spurs seemed to come undone in the final minutes, as the challenges on Chelsea players became more and more reckless as the title slipped away.

It’s poor timing for Tottenham, who are having a great season by club standards that just happens to coincide with Leicester’s brilliant run. Spurs haven’t won a league title since 1960, and their highest Premier League finish before this season is 4th in both 2010 and 2012. Without Leicester around, Tottenham would be narrowly leading Arsenal in pursuit of their first-ever title.

But this season is all about Leicester, and the incredible season is now destined to end in glory. It’s going to be magic at KP this weekend.


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