WWE RAW Spoilers & Results for Tonight, May 2

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The Miz is still Intercontinental Champion – but only with some help from his wife. (Instagram)

So, Payback was actually pretty intense. And not all of it was planned.

Roman Reigns retained his WWE World Heavyweight Championship, while Charlotte held on to her Women’s Title and Dean Ambrose absolutely beat down on Chris Jericho. Oh, and Kevin Owens declared he’s coming for the WWE Intercontinental Championship as well.

That, of course, was all part of the plan. Not part of the plan, however, was Enzo Amore’s injury during the tag team match that opened up Payback on Sunday night. The injury – and the rest of the Payback results – will certainly have an impact on tonight’s RAW, which is taping live from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis. Read on for all the results and highlights and general crazy:

Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens, No. 1 Contenders Match

After an opener from Stephanie and Shane McMahon – where the siblings apparently agreed to bury that metaphorical hatchet, we’ve got our first match of the night; Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens in a tilt that will decide the No. 1 contender for the WWE Intercontinental Champion.

And this one lasts forever. And gets crazy. Quickly.

Owens and Cesaro trade hits and suplexes and even more uppercuts, while The Miz and Maryse sit ringside as part of the match commentary.

Cesaro knocks Owens out of the ring and moves to attack him directly in front of The Miz. You see where this is going yet? Yup. The Miz joins the fray after getting hit with an uppcut by Cesaro. The trio move into the ring and take turns beating down on each other before Sami Zayn’s music hits.

Maryse eventually pulls her husband out of the ring, Cesaro and Owens are laying on the side of the ring and Zayn is the only man left standing; with the championship belt in his hand.

Goldust vs. Tyler Breeze

Winner: Tyler Breeze

Huh, well that was weird.

After about a 10 minute interlude about the tag team partnerships between Tyler Breeze/R-Truth and Goldust/Fandango, the quartet came into the ring for a match that ended, seemingly, just as soon as it started.

It was weird. And then it was over.

Big Cass & The New Day vs. The Dudley Boyz & The Vaudevillains

Winner: Big Cass & The New Day

Let’s just say this one was won on a bit of emotion.

Big Cass joined The New Day for the tag team tilt after The Vaudvillains emerged early to throw a few jabs about injuring Enzo Amore during Payback on Sunday night. The Dudley Boyz joined in the fray because, of course they did, and also to claim that the tag team contenders tournament should be restarted after Amore’s concussion.

The Vaudevillains got out to a quick start as the pair effectively beat down on Kofi Kingston:

Kingston was able to fend off the attacks though and grab the tag from Cass who basically unleashed wrestling hell on his opponents. Cass hit everything he could land a punch on and eventually took down D-Von with the East River Crossing for the win.

The New Day and Cass danced in celebration.

Becky Lynch vs. Emma

Winner: Emma

Another women’s match, another round of trickery.

Becky Lynch appeared to have to win in hand, hitting the exploder for a two-count, but she got tangled up with the referee trying to move back towards the ropes and Emma, literally, poked her in the eye.

It was enough for Emma to to connect on the Michinoku Driver for the win.

Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho

This wasn’t a match, per se, but it kind of turned into one after Stephanie McMahon appeared on the Ambrose Asylum.

After Dean Ambrose kept prodding her about her anger regarding the current management of RAW, Stephanie eventually bit back and cancelled the Ambrose Asylum. Ambrose didn’t put up much a fight, saying it’s actually pretty hard to host a TV show. He took his plant and went to walk out. That’s when Stephanie announced the return of The Highlight Reel and Chris Jericho ran out.

The two stared each other down for a moment before taking it into the ring. And outside the ring. And then, CHRIS JERICHO BROKE THE POTTED PLANT OVER DEAN AMBROSE’S HEAD. HE KILLED MITCH THE POTTED PLANT.

United States Championship No. 1 Contender Battle Royal

Winner: Rusev

Raise your hand if you thought that was going to happen.

Rusev appeared down and out, primed for a tip over the top rope after Zack Ryder took out a good chunk of the competition. Ryder eliminated Alberto Del Rio, after the former League of Nations spent much of the battle hitting each other, and then followed up by turning his attention to a one-on-one matchup against Rusev.

Ryder tried to pick up Rusev and throw him over the rope, but the Bulgarian Brute turned it around and tossed him over for the win.

Roman Reigns & The Usos vs. AJ Styles, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

Winner: AJ Styles, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

Ok, Styles and Co. got revenge for his loss on Sunday night, but it was really more what happened after the match that was particularly interesting.

The trio win and Roman Reigns is lying, seemingly immobile, on the side of the ring. Gallows and Anderson pull him in and then bring a steel chair in as well. For a second, it appears as if Gallows and Anderson are going to beat Reigns with the chair, but then they hand it off to Styles.

Styles won’t do it. He throws the chair away BUT then The Usos show up and start beating up on the No. 1 contender. Then, Styles sees the appeal of the chair. He hits both of The Usos, which, of course, is the time Reigns decides to wake up.

Reigns then, effectively, loses his mind. This is what happens:

Reigns makes sure to grab his WWE Heavyweight Title before walking away from Styles – who is still laying on top of the announcer’s table.

No matches have been announced yet for tonight, but the WWE has advertised the following Superstars: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Chris Jericho, AJ Styles, Sheamus, Kevin Owens, Alberto Del Rio, Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn, Ryback, Sasha Banks, WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte, WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz and WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day. The arena has also advertised a Triple H appearance, but it appears dated since he’s still being referred to as “WWE Champion.”

So, what else can we expect on Monday night? Well tonight’s event will be the first o see Shane and Stephanie McMahon attempt to coexist as Raw showrunners and odds are pretty good that neither one of Vince’s children is particularly pleased with the situation.

The feud between AJ Styles and Roman Reigns is going to be taken to the next level as the pair prep for their title bout in Extreme Rules. And speaking of title matches, Natalya is less than pleased with the results of her match against Charlotte on Sunday night. Expect some kind of big-time response from her tonight.

Meanwhile, the future of the tag team division is a bit up in the air after Amore’s injury on Sunday night. After all, there’s still no No. 1 contender for The New Day.

Make sure to check back here during the broadcast for results and highlights. Raw airs at 8 p.m. ET on USA.

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