Who Won the France vs. Romania Match in Euro 2016?

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Final Score

France 0-2 — 2
Romania 0-1 — 1
Box Score

France defeated Romania 2-1 in the first match of Euro 2016. It looked like Romania would end up with a surprise draw in the opening match of the tournament but Dmitri Payet had other ideas.

Payet came up with a wonder goal in the 88′ mark to give France the game-winning goal. He also had the assist on France’s first goal of the match.

Romania played a stellar match and was just minutes away from getting a result on opening day. France left the match with three points but not in the way many thought they would.

France entered the tournament as the favorite to win it on its home soil.

Here’s how France came up with the exciting victory.

Payet Scored a Game-Winning Wonder Goal for France

Payet was involved in both French goals. He had the assist on the header earlier in the second half. His goal in the 88′ could go down as one of the best goals of the tournament.

Romania Tied It 1-1 On a Penalty Kick

After a penalty in the box, Romania evened up the score on a penalty kick at the 65′ mark.

Giroud Scored for France Off a Header

Olivier Giroud scored for France off a long pass from Dmitri Payet. It was an incredible header that just graced Giroud’s head.

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